About NeuPTTech

Dramatically improve Physical Therapy outcomes, Enhance your PT business, Make Breakthroughs in Human Performance

What will the PT clinic of the future look like?

  • Simplified clinic layout centered around emerging technology
  • Class leading Analytics system (DARI scan)
  • Full service therapist/team specific treatment area covering a small footprint of about  200 square feet/clinician
  • Technology centerpiece (NEUBIE), recovery modality (PEMF), treatment table, simple/functional equipment (wall anchor rack, bands, therapeutic accessories for mobility and force production)
  • Largely body weight based since NEUBIE technology is “like lifting weights without the weight or stress on the tendons ligaments and joints”.

“In more than 20 years in practice as a physical therapist, I can unequivocally state that I have never come across a technique or device that has a more profound effect on acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain as the NEUFIT device. This is next-generation physical therapy at its finest. My mission is to introduce new technology to PT practices everywhere in order to improve outcomes well beyond the industry standard, while providing a business model that will dramatically exceed the goals of the practitioner.”
– Jason Waz, President, Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

NEUFIT Technology

What if you could hasten injury recovery and improve power and force without exerting unnecessary stress on joints ligaments and tendons?
What if you could hit the reset, or reboot, button for your nervous system, dramatically improving motor control and efficiency?

How is NEUBIE different from virtually every other Electric Stimulation device?


Watch NEUFIT in Action

Watch NEUFIT in action and the technology behind it. You’ll be amazed by the results and how it can totally change your life, the lives of your patients, and the future of your practice!


We understand that most clinicians would like to experience the results for themselves when considering new technology for their practice. We are always looking for ways for practitioners to feel confident in their investment. This may include a virtual demonstration, in-house demonstration if regionally feasible, or a short-term rental program. Please inquire direct with NeuPTTech to see which options are available to suit your needs.


Educational Seminar
Coming soon


Drop us a message if you are interested in attending an educational seminar to learn more about NEUFIT and how NeuPT Technologies can help your practice stand-out