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NEUBIE – Introduction for the Physical Therapist

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Course Length: 6 Hours
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Course Overview

This course consists of four 90-minute virtual training sessions. Participants will achieve competence in: the foundation of NEUBIE (Neuro-Biological Electrical Stimulation) technology; a comprehensive understanding of the role of this technology in a physical therapy practice; the basics of operation and application; FDA clearances, indications, and contraindications; the impact on the autonomic nervous system; the role in neuromuscular reeducation on-boarding, documentation, and billing requirements.

Subject Areas

Florida Board of Physical Therapy Practice
Physical Therapist: General; 6 hours

Disclosure Statement

Jason Waz is a private practice owner in Tampa, FL, the Director of Physical Therapy for NeuFit, and a Certified Master NeuFit Trainer.

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