“The Health Engineer” – Garrett Saltpeter

Known as “The Health Engineer,” Garrett Saltpeter has taken his training in Physics (BS) and Engineering (MSE) and applied it into a framework for improving the human body. His excursion began when he got into ice hockey as a kid. It was a game he adored, however for which he had minimal characteristic inclination. Following quite a long while “skating by,” he chose to dive profoundly into the universe of solidarity and molding to attempt to allow himself to play at a more elevated level. Sadly, what was well known at the time didn’t work for him — and he continued looking.  In managing some injury issues, Garrett saltpeter found out about the fundamental significance of the sensory system, and saw the associations with how the equivalent neurological standards could be applied to fitness. The neurological methodology worked, and he never thought back. Garrett saltpeter got resolved to learn however much as could reasonably be expected about how to influence the sensory system. Keeping that in mind, Garrett saltpeter burned through several hours in self-study, tutored under a few driving edge specialists, tried a considerable lot of his hypotheses on himself as well as other people, and even returned to class for a Ph.D. program in Neuroscience (from which Garrett saltpeter withdrew from nonappearance to dispatch the Neubie device).

Life Of Garrett Saltpeter

In 2009, Garrett Saltpeter opened his first health and research center office in Austin, Texas to begin imparting these strategies he found in his research to his locale. This has helped to develop into what we presently know as NeuBie, which joins a propelled comprehension of physiology with the accepted procedures from various preparing and restorative practices, and continually pushes these procedures by utilizing innovation to quicken them further. Since that first day, Garrett saltpeter has worked with individuals all things considered and in practically all circumstances, including competitors from MLB, the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, UFC, Olympics, NCAA, and the sky is the limit from there, helping them escape torment, improve execution, now and then dodge medical procedures, and live at a more significant level. Garrett saltpeter lives in Austin, Texas and with his better half, Briana, and their two girls, Gwenny and Gemma.


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