About The NeuBie Device

At NeuPT Technologies, our team of experienced physical therapists use NeuBie Device in Florida for evaluation and treatment of pain, injury or post-surgical conditions that limit quality health of life. Unlikely most physical therapy centers in Florida every patient is treated equally according to their treatment goals.  NeuBie Device in Florida designed to achieve higher levels of neurological activation and control in your body to heal better and faster. NeuBie Device in Florida is electrical simulation Neuro-Bio-Electrical simulator is FDA approved for using in treatment. We know that, the nervous system controls each muscle movement. On the off chance that a movement of pain is adding to your body, keeping you harmed, constraining your portability, or denying you of execution, at that point the NeuPT Technologies NeuBie Device in Florida System might have the option to support you. Our team do DARI Analytics with university based research partnership which is a class leading motion capture system takes you through series of simple movements and gives you a report that identifies areas of weakness or dysfunction .

How Neubie Device is Different from others

  • Wave current is Eccentric.

  • Focused on sensory rather than muscle contraction.

  • Less motor output, more sensory input.

  • Accelerate recovery by 50-75% for most injuries, surgeries.

  • Neuromuscular reeducation


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Are you interested about the NeuBie Device, NeuPT Technologies is the premium Neubie Device supplier and therapist in Florida. You can visit NeuPT Technologies Headquarters for a free consultation from our exclusive team. Contact us today for an exploration session to see how your practice can get previously unseen results and financial freedom! Learn more about our research & analytics.


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