NEUBIE Virtual Training Course

NEXT LEVEL PT PRACTICE – Get your NEUBIE Device fully booked and add significant cash revenue to your practice

Course Length: 4 Hours

Course Overview

In this 4-part series, participants will receive 24 key steps to getting fully booked and adding significant cash revenue to your practice. Discover 3 critical pieces to ensuring people can book with you while you sleep. Learn what people need to know in order to try the NEUBIE and rave about the results to everyone they know. Discover how to comfortably and confidently inspire people to invest in multi-session packages without being “salesy”.

Subject Areas

Turnkey Marketing Program for Cash-Based NEUBIE Services


  • NEUBIE Introduction and Practitioner certifications
  • Must be a licensed NEUBIE user with access to the equipment for practical training

Disclosure Statement

Jason Waz is a private practice owner in Tampa, FL, the owner of NeuPTtech, the Director of Physical Therapy for NeuFit and a Certified Master NeuFit Trainer. Patti Bartsch is a renowned wellness practitioner at Wellness Practice Institute who equips and empowers ambitious, passionate wellness professionals with the skills, training & done-for-you, brand-as-your-own content with her proven systems.

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