About NeuPTtech

NeuPTtech [new-PT-tech] is the leading physical therapy technology expert and distributor of the NEUBIE device. Led by Jason Waz, a physical therapist and practice owner in Tampa, FL and the Director of Physical Therapy for Neufit, NeuPTtech helps physical therapy owners add a massive differentiator to their startup or existing private practice by delivering the most return on their investment with the NEUBIE. Alongside helping customers license and support their NEUBIE machine, NeuPTtech delivers introductory and practical application NEUBIE training for physical therapists via virtual CEU courses.


Our Team

Meet Jason Waz

As the leading physical therapy distributor of the NEUBIE, Jason founded NeuPT Technologies with a mission to bring the field of physical therapy into the next generation through science, research and innovation.

Jason Waz, PT

  • Undergraduate degree from Florida State University magna cum laude with degree in Biology in 1994
  • Physical Therapy degree from University of Florida, graduating with high honors in 1996
  • Founded Competitive Edge Performance (Tampa) in 2006
  • Pioneer in the use of technology in Physical Therapy

Whitney Roper - NeuPTtech

Whitney Roper

  • Strategic Growth & Customer Relations
  • BA Marketing & Management, FAU
  • 4-Year NCAA Student-Athlete, FAU
  • Former Director of Marketing, Customer Support, Luxury Travel Agency
  • DIYer in spare time

Brock Labelle, DPT - NeuPTtech

Brock Labelle, DPT

  • NEUBIE Practitioner Mentor & Trainer
  • BS, Exercise Science, Castleton University
  • DPT, Gannon University
  • Former college hockey player who loves exercise
  • Specialist in emerging NEUBIE technology
  • Passionate about helping people & advancing field of Physical Therapy

Stephanie Hinkle

  • Serves as head of NeuPTtech’s administrative team 
  • Currently studying business administration, marketing and nutritional science 
  • Passionate about energy wellness and is a certified yoga instructor 


Non-Disclosure Agreement

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