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What Our Clients Say

My business has expanded exponentially over the first 6 months of bringing the NEUBIE into the practice. Private pay customer referrals and retention is at an all time high due to the results we are seeing with this technology. This single device has created a relentless marketing team that we call our patients
I was referred to Jason by a good physician friend when in search of a PT recommendation. With a history of injury to both knees, I was interested in exercises to provide better stability. I found myself with only a month-and-a-half before my ski trip, but Jason assured me, he could get me ready. Combining his expertise and the technology of the Neufit device, not only did I find increased stability in my knee, but was able to enjoy four full days on the slopes without fatigue or injury. Thanks, Jason!
Best physical therapy place around. If you want to get off the couch and become active again, this is the place to go. They combine their Neufit technology with more conventional treatment, which makes a combination that I have never experienced before. I had major low back multilevel fusion and was not able to do anything when I first came to Competitive Edge. I am now very active, riding my bike, swimming, bending…anything I want to do I feel I am able to do it now. A million thanks to Jason and Daily for making my life active again.