MVP Program

$13,500.00 $2,500.00

The MVP program features robust training, support and coaching to ensure your practice is optimized for success. (Now this $13,500+ value is available for just $2,500 a year!)

NeuPTtech is Here to Help You Help Others with Dedicated Coaching & Team Training!

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At NeuPTtech, we understand the challenges small business owners face, because, as clinic owners ourselves, we’ve experienced and overcome them. The MVP Program is built by PTs for PTs and is designed to help you overcome business challenges and reach your full potential by achieving the results you’ve only dreamed about.

Startups and expanding practices will receive the strategic guidance and support necessary through this our program to succeed. Limited spots are available so sign up to gain access to incredible benefits, including:

  • Annual access for up to 5 clinicians to virtual training courses
  • Receive 12+ CEU credits per clinician for these programs
  • Regular access to Live, In-Person physical therapy technology trainings
  • Monthly coaching call around marketing, ops and clinical initiatives or existing NeuPTtech programs and business development campaigns (ex. clinic design, physical therapy technology, long COVID program, staff onboarding/training, PT Tech Truck, etc.)
  • VIP Access to all existing and new Marketing assets, protocols, research and case studies for your business and patients
  • A new app and a brand new clinician-focused course is coming soon to provide even more opportunities for PT owners to succeed
  • Much more!

Joining the MVP Program is like having a business consultant, office administrator and director of operations on hand to affirm your decision-making process and deliver peace of mind.

All virtual training and support is delivered by NeuPTtech’s dedicated client success team, led by private practice owner and founder of NeuPTtech, Jason Waz. Jason has been stress-testing and utilizing the latest innovations and technology in the industry for 25 years through his private practices in Tampa, Florida, and he and his team are committed to helping as many physical therapy owners as possible achieve their goals.

The MVP Program delivers $13,500+ worth of value to you for just $2,500 a year!