Research & Analytics

DARI Analytics with University-based Research Partnership

DARI is a class leading motion capture system that takes you through a series of simple movements and gives you a report that identifies areas of weakness or dysfunction.  It is also a predictor of future injury potential and can identify which exercises or activities you should or shouldn’t be doing to improve performance and recover from injury. At NeuPTTech we utilize DARI to accurately assess progress, to further research and to develop protocols for the NEUBIE device system.

NeuPTTech has a mission to further the field of Physical Therapy for the next generation through innovation, technology and research.

Clinical Research

We are excited to announce that we are collaborating with Dr. Bill Campbell, Director and Associate Professor in Exercise Science, Performance and Physique Enhancement along with Dr. Samuel Buckner, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the University of South Florida. This university-based research on the NEUBIE device is slated to begin its pilot study Summer 2019 in order to provide evidence to support clinical outcomes.

***Disclosure: We believe in supporting scientific research on emerging technology such as the NEUBIE device and it is our policy to compensate up to 10% of soft costs incurred as a result of performing research on this technology***

Physical Therapy and the Opioid Crisis

The NEUBIE has been shown to have a profound effect on managing acute and chronic pain during countless clinical treatment applications.
Physical Therapists have been recommended by the Centers of Disease Control to alleviate and manage pain involving the neck, shoulders, low back, and knees because:

   PT treatment within two weeks of a neck, knee, back, or shoulder injury reduces the odds of needing opioid pain killers by up to 60%

   80% of patients with knee, back, and shoulder disorders remain opioid-free for at least one year after PT

   Increasing physical activity can reduce the risk of other chronic diseases
The body has the ability to heal itself if given the opportunity. Masking pain with opioids and other medications does not fix the underlying cause(s). Don’t medicate your pain. Treat it.


















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