NEUBIE Device Therapy

The NEUBIE (Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator) is an innovative approach to e-stim therapy that gives private practice owners a competitive advantage by treating the neurological functions of patients so they heal faster, recover faster and return to pre-injury functionality faster!

Add a massive differentiator to your practice with these benefits:

  • Maintain or increase ROM 
  • Increase local blood circulation 
  • Prevent atrophy, reducing spasms 
  • Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis after surgery 
  • Manage or relieve of chronic pain 
  • Manage post-surgical & post-traumatic acute pain

What is the NEUBIE Device?

The most advanced e-stim therapy ever introduced to the physical therapy market, the NEUBIE challenges traditional methods to assess the root cause of muscle dysfunction and optimize neurological function.

Why Physical Therapists Should Add the NEUBIE to Their Practice

  • It is THE device proven to add incredible cash-pay revenue to your clinic
  • It provides a considerable differentiator from your competition
  • It delivers impressive ROI results right away
  • It’s easy to train your staff quickly to become experts
  • Patients typically see results after just the first session
  • Happy patients go on to become a key referral source

Everything You Need to Get Started with the NEUBIE

The NEUBIE Effect

Discover the benefits & statistics that reveal the impact, ROI and stories of the PT Owners who use the NEUBIE.


Dig into NEUBIE frequently asked questions and get the answers physical therapists want to know.

The NEUBIE Virtual Training

Go from “comfortable” to “expert” fast with virtual NEUBIE programs that provide 6 CEUs each.

Discover what the NEUBIE can do for your practice today!

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