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At NeuPTtech, we're not just developing innovative solutions for the physical therapy industry; we're building the future of patient care and business success one powerful story at a time. Here, your career trajectory is steered by our commitment to action-orientated mindsets, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled client satisfaction. Join us, and be a part of a team where every project is an opportunity to excel and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Why Choose NeuPTtech?

Innovate Daily

Work on the cutting edge of technology across the physical therapy industry. From AI to patient care, our projects redefine the status quo, offering you access to industry experts and the canvas to innovate, create, and challenge yourself daily.

Continuous Learning and Development —

At NeuPTtech, growth is a constant. Alongside a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package, you gain access to resources, tools, and mentorship that make every day an opportunity to learn something new and elevate your career to new heights.

Client Success is Our Success —

Our clients' victories are our victories. Be part of a culture that thrives on making our clients successful and will value your creativity, offering you a sense of achievement and fulfillment unmatched in the industry.

Inclusive and Collaborative Culture —

Join a diverse community of thinkers, innovators, and go-getters. Experience a culture that prioritizes work-life balance and employee well-being. Our diverse community of thinkers, innovators and go-getters work together to achieve extraordinary results.

Your Development, Our Priority

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We believe in investing in our people. NeuPTtech offers a variety of programs aimed at personal and professional development, including:

● Leadership training
● Technical upskilling courses
● Wellness and work-life balance initiatives

Join Us and Make a Difference

Ready to elevate your career at the forefront of innovation and client success? Explore our current openings and find out how your skills and passions align with our mission.


Position: Client Success and Content Lead


The mission of this role is to enhance client satisfaction and advocacy through strategic relationship management and impactful content creation, driving the company's growth and brand reputation.

RESULTS to be Expected:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhance brand reputation and client advocacy.
  • Provide data-driven insights for strategic growth.


  • Skills: Customer Relationship Management, Strategic Thinking, Content Creation and Management, Data Analysis, Communication, Problem-Solving, Project Management, Empathy and Listening, Marketing and Branding Knowledge, Feedback Collection, Leadership, Adaptability.
  • Attributes: Customer-Centric, Strategic Vision, Creative Thinking, Analytical Mindset, Excellent Communicator, Resilient Problem Solver, Organized, Empathetic, Innovative, Collaborative, Adaptable, Results-Driven.
  • Responsibilities: Develop and implement customer success strategies, lead content development and management, analyze customer data and content performance, collaborate with cross-functional teams, manage client relationships and feedback, report and communicate results.

Are you ready to make a significant impact in a role where your skills and passion can shape the future of client success and content strategy? If you're a driven, innovative professional eager to contribute to a company where your work truly makes a difference, we want to hear from you.

APPLY NOW to become a part of our passionate team at NeuPT Technologies Inc, and take the next step in your career towards driving meaningful change and achieving remarkable success.


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