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NEUBIE FAQs for Physical Therapy Owners

The NEUBIE represents an incredible shift in the physical therapy and fitness industries. As private practices embrace emerging physical therapy technologies and outside-the-box treatments to heal patients holistically and deliver positive outcomes quickly, the NEUBIE device has proven itself to physical therapy owners nationwide by delivering game changing revenue, practice-differentiating treatment and untapped growth opportunities within their practice.

As experts of physical therapy technology and a leading distributor and trainer of the NEUBIE device, NeuPTtech answers the most frequently asked questions about the NEUBIE.

What is the NEUBIE?

The NEUBIE Device (short for Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator) is a machine designed by Neufit to take an opposite approach to traditional e-stim therapy devices.  The NEUBIE directly affects the Neurological System and promotes eccentric contractions, the NEUBIE optimizes the neuro physical effect on the patient by working to absorb force, improve performance, protect joints and reduce injury.

To learn more, check out this article: The Latest in Physical Therapy Technology: the NEUBIE Device.

Where Can I See the NEUBIE in Action?

We understand that most clinicians would like to experience the results for themselves when considering new technology for their practice. Here is a list of NeuPTtech Certified NEUBIE Practitioners who operate with a NEUBIE so you can find one of our advanced mentorship sites close to you.

At NeuPTtech, we’re always looking for ways for practitioners to feel confident in their investment whether that is through a virtual demonstration, in-house demonstration if regionally feasible, or a 3-month device trial program. Please inquire directly with NeuPTTech to see which options are available to suit your needs.

What NEUBIE Training is Included and How Long Does It Take to Get Proficient with This System?

The NEUBIE Virtual Certification Programs from NeuPTtech is the perfect way to start NEUBIE training for you and your staff. Currently, these courses are available: 

  • (Both courses are 6 hours long and are separated into four 90-minute sections. Once completed, each course delivers 6 CEUs to each participant.) 

You and your team can be fully proficient with the NEUBIE device in a matter of days!

How Much Does the NEUBIE Cost?

The retail price of a NEUBIE device is $18,000 as of 2022. Operating the NEUBIE in your private practice requires licensing, training and support which can include an investment of $5,000 for onboarding, training and support for the first two years of owning the device.

PLEASE NOTE: License and support fees are included when you purchase the NEUBIE through NeuPTtech.

Distribution specialists like NeuPTtech offer additional value through their exclusive, proprietary NEUBIE training and support, delivering more return on your investment.

Additionally, clinics adding multiple NEUBIE devices at once can receive a discount on their purchase. Virtual Training Certifications for your staff cost $499 per course and deliver 6 CEUs per participant. Finally, tax incentives, including the Section 179 Deduction, can save you thousands of dollars on your NEUBIE purchase by deducting a sizable portion of your business equipment purchases for the year.

What Kind of ROI Can I Expect with the NEUBIE Device?

A typical NEUBIE device practitioner is able to make up the (monthly) expense of financing the device in a single day of use. To see how this looks for your own practice, we offer a free NEUBIE ROI Practice Assessment upon request (click the offer, call 813-849-0150 or email support@neupttech.com).

As an example of NEUBIE ROI, Competitive Edge Performance was the very first physical therapy clinic in the US to adopt this technology. CEP increased their net revenue by more than 55% over the first 6 months, upon adopting the NEUBIE device system. Private pay revenue increased by more than 200% over the same time period, without a single dime being spent on marketing.

Most practitioners see significant ROI in the first 3 months of implementing the NEUBIE since 90+% of patients make tangible progress on their first visit and go on to refer more patients to your practice. 

What Ongoing Support is Available with the NEUBIE Device?

NeuPTtech is committed to supporting Physical Therapists and other practitioners in an ongoing manner. As therapists ourselves and pioneers in the use of this technology, we have the experience and resources necessary to answer all of your questions regarding protocols and clinical outcomes. 

The NeuPTtech Help Desk Service is always available (call 813-849-0150 or email support@neupttech.com), as well as access to a growing team of expert practitioners including a licensed NEUBIE practitioner.

Can the NEUBIE Be Used for Performance Enhancement As Well As Rehab??

Yes! The NEUBIE device has played a large role in improving the performance and recovery of athletes. It’s no surprise that professional sports teams are taking notice and a NEUBIE has been in the training room for the LA Dodgers and Washington Nationals championship seasons. You can find specific case studies for examples of gains made in performance by request.

Check out this peer-reviewed NEUBIE study that shows how training with the NEUBIE device can improve gains with less work. 

Check out this peer-reviewed NEUBIE study that shows how training with the NEUBIE device can improve gains with less work. 

Additionally, the FDA has cleared the NEUBIE as a Class 2 Medical Device and is approved for the following clinical applications:

  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Neuromuscular Re-education – enhancement of muscle recruitment and activation of the individual being treated
  • Preventing atrophy – reducing spasms, preventing venous thrombosis after surgery
  • Management or relief of chronic pain and management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain

Based on the results of studies that are currently in process, we are hopeful that we can work with the FDA in the future to consider new claims that would enable us to use this technology to benefit even more people.

Finally, NeuPTtech has developed protocols via advanced virtual training modules that focus on use of the NEUBIE to significantly enhance cash based “optimal health” services.

Are There NEUBIE Protocols for Specific Conditions or Injuries?

NeuPTtech is dedicated to providing individual support to each practitioner who adopts the NEUBIE device system. We offer robust training on the technology as well as the hands-on application of the device. Protocols are regularly being created and added to our shared resources based on condition and body part, both in performance and physical therapy settings. 

Currently, we offer a Quick Start Guide for customers to help improve the patient experience. The online training modules and web portal included with your NEUBIE device licensing agreement also provides protocol support. A Physical Therapist Handbook for Protocol Support with the NEUBIE Device is accessible remotely via a digital guidebook.

How Can I Market This New Technology to My Current Patients?

Your patients will be your best marketing team. After only one or two sessions, your clients will have experienced such a profound improvement in their condition that they can’t help but share with their friends, family and community! This generates more referrals than any other treatment.

NeuPTtech offers key marketing insights in our NEUBIE introduction and practical application courses. Our NEUBIE-specific coaching and in-person training covers this topic specifically, from getting your device completely booked to adding significant cash revenue to your practice. Neufit also provides a robust digital vault of licensed marketing materials which is available to all practitioners.

Additionally, we’re happy to customize your message and provide more traditional forms of marketing, such as flyers and other digital or printed educational materials. Our monthly licensing fee provides a vast, growing network to promote the NEUBIE device brand.

Where Can I Buy a NEUBIE Device?

The NEUBIE is available today from NeuPTtech, the physical therapy leader in NEUBIE training and distribution. You can buy the NEUBIE or rent the NEUBIE directly by providing your details to receive the latest resources and promotions available.

After a quick exploratory call, NeuPTtech partners with you to ensure you’re improving your private practice’s revenue and patient outcomes in no time! Remember, all licensing, support and training is included for your entire practice for two years when you purchase with NeuPTtech!

What’s Included with the NEUBIE Licensing and Support?

  • One NEUBIE​ device
  • 5 logins to both NeuPTtech NEUBIE Courses for entire practice for one full year
  • License to use our patented processes and technology, which will be shared with you in the form of the NEUBIE​ device and our Certification training
  • Once this Level 1 is completed and you pass the final proficiency examination, you will have a Level 1 certification and be listed on our website (this certification is required to
    operate the NEUBIE​ device for commercial purposes)
  • Commercial License and Support Package Includes:
    • Access to our online library of written and video content, and support forum
      exclusively for NeuFit Certified Practitioners
    • Access to 1 Seat to NeuFit’s Level One Course
    • Rights to use the NeuFit​ and NEUBIE​ names in marketing and a listing on the
      NeuFit web site
    • Access to a regular group Mastermind call
    • Right to purchase accessories (electrodes, cables, straps, etc) at a discounted,
      wholesale price
    • Discounted lease or purchase rates on additional NEUBIE​ devices
    • Full warranty coverage for any manufacturer’s defect during term (normal
      warranty is 1 year, but will be extended for the duration of participation in the
      Commercial License Support Package)
    • Loaner program – if you need repairs, we’ll send you another device to use while yours is being serviced, minimizing downtime
    • Access to NeuPTtech App after completion of Practical Application Course
    • Access to our custom software for keeping records and tracking all elements of NeuFit treatments

How Many Patients Can a NEUBIE Serve at a Time?

Each NEUBIE device has two separate treatment centers capable of treating two patients with separate protocols at the same time. There are 4 channels in total that are synced in pairs.

Who Should be Certified with the NEUBIE?

Every practitioner and clinician who works with patients or clients on the NEUBIE device is required to be certified. The NeuPTtech certification program is focused specifically on the practical application for the Physical Therapist. This serves as both a clinical competency certification and a certificate of compliance. Both the NeuPTtech NEUBIE – Introductory and NEUBIE – Practical Application courses are CEU eligible. 

At NeuPTtech we handle all of the orientation, training and onboarding for you, the practice owner, so you can continue to work on your practice.

How is the NEUBIE Different from Traditional Electrical Stimulation Therapy?

NEUBIE vs. Electrical Stimulation Therapy

How is the NEUBIE a Bigger Practice Differentiator Than Other Big Ticket Physical Therapy Technology Devices?

The NEUBIE isn’t the first innovation in physical therapy technology, but there are a lot of reasons why it remains the biggest differentiator for private practices, including:

  • It can be used on virtually every patient from ortho to neuro, child to senior across all diagnoses with very few exceptions
  • It can identify two areas of dysfunction in the treatment area of the body on the first visit with 100% accuracy
  • It provides significant positive outcomes in almost every patient within the first four treatment sessions
  • Patients become “practice evangelists” resulting in new referrals with very little to no marketing expenses
  • ROI is rapid and massive, unlike any other device currently known or available to physical therapists
  • It is easy to get started with operation and onboarding. Upon completion of training and onboarding, every single practitioner will be able to produce similar results.
  • Onboarding is easy and fully managed, coordinated and supported by NeuPTTech for you the practitioner. We pride ourselves in customer service that is second to none.

Is There Research to Back Up the Clinical Outcomes?

Yes. Since the NEUBIE was FDA cleared and brought to market at the end of 2017, our team began pursuing research initiatives almost immediately. We understand that clinical outcomes, although indisputable, require research on many levels. NEUBIE research is being conducted across advanced clinical trials, high sample size intermediate and long term clinical research as well as university-based, peer reviewed studies. 

NeuPTtech and Neufit have spearheaded, welcomed and supported research projects on all of these levels. As of 2022, we anticipate more supporting data on the overwhelmingly positive clinical outcomes we’re achieving to be released soon. Here is what is currently available:

See What ROI Your Private Practice Gain Generate with the NEUBIE


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