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Professional Athletes Use NEUBIE

The NEUBIE Device Helps Elite Athletes Recover Faster

Let’s examine some recent case studies to see why elite athletes have chosen the NEUBIE as their recovery device of choice and understand how using the NEUBIE in your private practice will help you deliver better outcomes, faster.

Physical Therapy Technology Blog

The NEUBIE Device vs. Other Physical Therapy Technology

The NEUBIE device is the top physical therapy technology available for physical therapy owners. It significantly boosts patient recovery times and enhances your ability to care for your clients. Keep reading to learn more about how the NEUBIE device is different from other physical therapy technology!

NEUBIE athletic performance

NEUBIE Performance Enhancement and Injury Rehabilitation for Athletes

The NEUBIE device has helped propel physical therapy technology and athletic rehab and performance by being successful in helping athletes recover from injury at a faster pace.

NEUBIE Support and Licensing

NEUBIE Licensing and Support Included for Your Practice

When you add the NEUBIE device to your physical therapy practice, you get the dedicated support necessary to build a better practice around the NEUBIE.

Marketing the NEUBIE to patients

How to Market the NEUBIE to Existing Patients

This guide will help you with marketing the NEUBIE and developing Practice Evangelists who drive referrals along the way!

NEUBIE vs Traditional E Stim Therapy

The Difference Between the NEUBIE and Traditional E Stim Therapy

Many private practices have leveraged the NEUBIE, as opposed to traditional electrical stimulation therapy, to provide an innovative option for patients who are seeking faster healing and improved mobility.

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