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Innovative Physical Therapy Technology - NeuPTtech Blog

Innovative Physical Therapy Technology to Differentiate Your Private Practice

We are seeing successful private practice owners remodel their entire practice to adopt innovative technologies that are less time-consuming and far more effective than the old “Shake and Bake” practices.

NeuPTtech NeuFit Blog

Understanding the NeuPTtech and NeuFit Partnership with the NEUBIE

This article will outline how the partnership works, the role of each company and why it matters to you. In the end, you’ll see how these brands work together to bring you and your business the best NEUBIE experience possible.

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - Recover Physical Therapy

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Recover Physical Therapy

We shine the spotlight on Recover Physical Therapy in Twin Falls, Idaho where Blaine Hawkes, the founder and owner, shares what led him to the NEUBIE, what results he’s experienced and what message he has for PTs on the fence about adding the NEUBIE to their practice.

Therapeutic Reprogramming for NEUBIE - Blog

How Does the NEUBIE Work: Therapeutic Reprogramming Process

NEUBIE's therapeutic reprogramming delivers greater range of motion and strength output, less pain and enhanced quality of movement with a sense of ease. Learn more about how this process works.

NEUBIE Diagnostic Process

How Does the NEUBIE Work: The Diagnostic Process

To understand how the NEUBIE works, let’s breakdown the diagnostic process as outlined in the white paper: “NEUBIE A New Paradigm in Electrical Stimulation” by Garrett Salpeter, Founder of NeuFit and partner of NeuPTtech.

Next Level NEUBIE Blog

How Private Practices Reach the Next Level with the NEUBIE

Now is the time to turn your employees into entrepreneurs by enabling their abilities to market the NEUBIE and eliminate the guesswork when selling packages. It's time to leverage your NEUBIE investment.

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