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Let’s Talk about Physical Therapy Technology

Since growing one private practice into an enterprise in Tampa, FL, Jason Waz, PT has been using his clinics as research and testing facilities to uncover the best technology and unlock the ideal protocols necessary to achieve better patient outcomes faster.

Below is a collection of his interviews and appearances across the industry.



PT Tech Talk EP01

Jason and Chris Wikman talk Heart Rate Variability for physical therapy and the current research and development Chris is spearheading.

PT Technology Interview

Jason Waz joins Brian Gallagher (MEG) and Garrett Salpeter (NeuFit) to discuss the NEUBIE as a high-tech income vertical for PTs.

Restructuring Business Models

This MEG ZoomCast features Jason discussing how to thrive during a Pandemic with a new cash-based, business model.

PT Pro Talk Interview

Hear Jason’s vision is to advance the field of physical therapy into the next generation through science, research and innovation.

Breakthrough Summit Panel

Jason joins a Summit hosted by Chad Madden, where he reveals how he adding cash-based services at his Tampa practice.

Rehab Links Podcast EP02

Jason shares his story with Lisa Chase from Back2Normal PT on her Rehab Links: Secrets to Success podcast.

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The Journey to Financial Freedom

Jason shares his transformational story of going from taking on mounting debt to make payroll to achieving 20% profit margins in just one year.

Physical Therapy Podcasts

MEG EP280: Staffing & Retention Success: Real-Life Application of MEG's Tools

MEG EP216: Success Story: Practice Empowerment Through Tech Differentiators

MEG EP186: Interview With Jason Waz – Physical Therapy Technology Update

MEG EP41: Changing The Game Through Innovation

NeuFit EP8: Changing The Game Through Innovation

Business of PT: Bringing New Science and Technology into PT

Physical Therapy Radio Segment

Health in Motion Radio Segment

Jason joins Health in Motion for a radio interview focused on physical therapy technology and the NEUBIE.