Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

PEMF is commonly known as “energy medicine” because it uses a non-invasive technology to “recharge the batteries” of the patient’s body with magnetic energy. PEMF Therapy gives patients 30 minutes of a calm “rest and relax” environment to shake off the stress.

Ready to add this cash-pay physical therapy technology to your practice?

  • Give patients the energy medicine they need to thrive
  • Influence electrical changes in cells and restore overall health status
  • Decrease the “fight or flight” response, increase “rest and relax” response
  • Reduce pain and swelling while increasing functionality and range of motion
  • Battle low energy levels, low immune systems and brain fog

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF sends direct pulsed energy waves into the body’s natural magnetic field, increasing the motion of electrolytes and ions in your body’s tissues and fluids. As cells are recharged, the restorative rest capacity is enhanced and energy is increased.

Why Physical Therapists Should Add PEMF Therapy to Their Practice

  • It offers a useful cash-pay physical therapy service 
  • It doesn’t require insurance and can be billed and paid immediately 
  • It further differentiates you from your competition
  • It serves as a natural follow-up service to HRV Therapy
  • It provides the energy medicine patients need to perform better
  • It creates referrals and new business from satisfied patients

Ready to add the “Happy Zap” service to your Private Practice?

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