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Learn How PT Owners Improve Results
With the NEUBIE


Brian Gallagher
“As a physical therapist for the past 26 years who has worked in a variety of settings such as manual therapy clinics, orthopedic clinics, professional and semi professional athletes, pediatrics, home health, and most recently consulting the best practices around the country I was truly surprised when I was exposed to the NEUBIE device for the first time. Both my wife (who is also a PT) and myself were experiencing radiculopathies, her from the cervical region and me from the lumbar and cervical when I first met Jason. He Introduced both of us to the NEUBIE device and within less than five sessions we were so markedly better that we are able to perform our home exercises and get back to all of our functional activities including working out at the gym, radiculopathy and pain-free. I have been thinking for sometime that there is nothing new under the sun for PT, but I can honestly say there is something that deserves serious consideration if you want to be that cutting edge practice that will stand out in this crowded market based on results.”

Dr. Marc C Pedan
“I was referred to Jason by a good physician friend when I inquired about a PT recommendation. With a history of injury to both knees I was interested in exercises to provide better stability. I found myself with only a month and a half before my trip but Jason assured me, he could get me ready. Combining his expertise and the technology of the NEUBIE device device, not only did I find increased stability in my knee but was able to enjoy 4 full days on the slopes without fatigue or injury. Thanks Jason!”

Adam Laraway
“Jason, NeuPTtech and the NEUBIE have been a huge part of the success of opening my new PT practice in 2019. I went to Tampa to learn and train with Jason, and knew immediately Jason was onto something big. I cannot thank Jason enough for his mentorship, along with his time and willingness to help me succeed in making my PT practice vision come true. The NEUBIE has been a game-changer in the success with my own patients and in differentiating myself from my competition. My practice is steadily growing in spite of several hurdles, including this pandemic. Thank you, Jason!”

Blaine Hawkes
“I started my PT practice in the Spring of 2020. The NEUBIE has been a great part of my practice and has helped provide more valuable and effective treatments for my patients. When exercising with the NEUBIE, patients never get the attitude ‘I can just do these exercises at home’ and stop coming to their appointments. They experience the value and complete their care plans because they know we’re offering something different than traditional PT practices. The NEUBIE has also been an effective treatment for several diagnoses where traditional physical therapy interventions would have left me feeling limited in my ability to help patients recover. Optimizing nerve function and motor control with the NEUBIE accelerates the rehab process for so many diagnoses I work with. Jason at NeuPTtech was great to work with, and always lightning fast with his responses to any questions. The support after purchase has been great.”

Angie McGilvrey
“Within 4 sessions, our patients are in the 90-something percentile of self reported improvement. Once my patients, therapists and providers started seeing results with the NEUBIE, they were all fighting over the machine so I had to order a second and now a third NEUBIE to my practice. The NEUBIE has definitely added revenue to my practice as a cash based service for PT, personal training and strength and conditioning…in the first year we added over $100,000 in revenue just due to the NEUBIE alone. I needed a market differentiator to stand apart from not only my PT competition, but from strength coaches, online sports folks and athletic trainers – the NEUBIE has been the biggest driver of growth for my practice into the athletic community.”

Tiffany M. Hamilton
“I was looking for something to differentiate my start-up PT practice and to provide encouragement to new patients when I was introduced to NeuPTtech. Jason Waz was so helpful and always quick to respond. His enthusiasm was inspiring! I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer the NEUBIE in my practice and feel comfortable knowing I can reach out to NeuPTtech at any time as I pursue this journey.”

Jim Mike Hinzman
“We have been using the NEUBIE in all three of my clinics for over a year now. The response from our patients using this new technology has been extremely positive. Patients often want to extend their plans of care because of the improvement they are seeing in PT. We now have patients routinely traveling out of town to use the NEUBIE for various diagnoses. Our PTs also have something in their tool kit to make a difference in their patient’s outcome quickly. I do recommend having Jason Waz come in and train the entire clinic to maximize the effectiveness of the NEUBIE technology. We have gotten so busy using the NEUBIE that we now have two NEUBIEs in each clinic.”

Scott Heltzel
“I resigned from my previous position as a VP of a mid-sized company after acquisition by a physician group after 18 years. My location is highly competitive so I wanted to find a differentiator that would increase referrals from physicians and consumers. After hearing about the NEUBIE on a Brian Gallagher podcast, I witnessed the benefits of the NEUBIE on my own musculoskeletal injury during a several-day course and realized this is just the innovative technology I was looking for. After my new practice was open for just 3 weeks, I already had an adhesive capsulitis patient who gained 20 degrees of shoulder flexion after 3 treatments and another patient who had paresthesia of the bilateral UE and LE for 6 years, completely abolished after 4 sessions. This after being treated by multiple neurologists, therapists and chiropractors. Jason has been available, responsive and communicative throughout the onboarding process and certification courses. If you would like to experience the power of the NEUBIE, I encourage you to contact Jason to take your practice to the next level!”

Krystina Mille
“We decided to purchase the NEUBIE after a trial, because we were blown away at the result we were getting with some long-term neuro-therapy clients. After just a few sessions with the NEUBIE, we were able to provide relief from pain and uncover new sensation in areas previously insensate following spinal cord injury. After each stage of the training with NeuPTtech, we have expanded our use of the machine and discovered even more applications and techniques to help accelerate our patients’ recovery!”

Michael Kirisits
“The NEUBIE has added dimensions to my massage practice and personal training business that were unimaginable prior. For myself, I have never had better range of motion in all of my joints including the spine. For my clients, there are findings that were unavailable before doing these exercises with direct current from the NEUBIE. I now have income that appeared just from doing Master resets for people as a social, happy relaxation session.”

Noal Cattone
“The NeuPTtech team has been an invaluable resource growing our business and training our staff with the NEUBIE. Their expert guidance and genuine, top-notch customer service makes our clinic feel like family.”

Arlo Henderson
“As a coach, the NEUBIE allowed me to be able to continue to reach for new heights in strength & conditioning and general body shaping without risking injury. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found it, and I share with everyone I know!”

Shannon Tennant
“The NEUBIE has made our clinic number one for physical therapy in our area. I have patients begging me to put them on the NEUBIE because after day 1 they have less pain and more motion and these results are much quicker than expected! Jason and his team are amazing and so easy to reach out to for any questions. Thank you NeuPTtech and Jason!”