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PEMF Solutions for Physical Therapy Programs

PEMF is a wellness modality that utilizes soothing pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate and exercise the body at the cellular level to address underlying cellular dysfunction and support the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities. LEARN MORE.

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Learn More About NeuPTtech's PEMF and iMRS Products

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a revolutionary wellness modality that utilizes soothing pulsed electromagnetic fields. Our PEMF machines apply focused pulsing magnetic stimulation to the body at the cellular level through an exclusive line of accessories. By stimulating and exercising the cells, PEMF addresses underlying cellular dysfunction and supports the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities.

PEMF is commonly known as “energy medicine” because it uses a non-invasive technology to “recharge the batteries” of the patient’s body with magnetic energy. PEMF Therapy gives patients 30 minutes of a calm “rest and relax” environment to shake off the stress, battle low energy levels, low immune systems and brain fog.

Purchase an iMRS PEMF Solution for Physical Therapy

IMRS Prime Hybrid (PEMF and Far Infrared)

Includes: FIR Mat, Pad, Spot, Split Mode, iGuide, Program Mode

Retail price: $7837 +tax

This system represents a significant advancement in PEMF therapy, designed to enhance holistic wellness by utilizing pulsed electromagnetic fields. It is engineered to support personalized wellness routines through advanced technology, offering a range of benefits from pain relief to improved sleep patterns. The system's intuitive design, combined with its comprehensive therapy options, positions it as a leading choice for those seeking a modern approach to well-being.


Includes: Mat, Pad, Spot, Brain Entrainment 

Retail price: $4,820 +tax

The Omnium1 system from Swiss Bionic Solutions is a versatile PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy device designed for portability and ease of use. It features an 8-inch touch screen control panel running Android™ Oreo 8.1, with a variety of applicators for targeted therapy, including the OmniMat, OmniPad, and OmniSpot. The system boasts a lightweight design, low power consumption, and is capable of generating field intensities up to 120 microTesla. It's designed to provide holistic therapy with fast start programs for daily use, manual and pre-programmed modes for personalized treatments, and is complemented by accessories for enhanced user experience.

The Benefits of PEMF for Physical Therapy

  • Optimize Wellness – Non-Invasively: Generate energy at the cellular level which encourages the body to function more effectively for overall wellness.
  • Enhance the Body’s Natural Recovery Process: Address underlying cellular dysfunction by stimulating & exercising cells.
  • Assist with Muscle Fatigue & Discomfort After Exercise: Complement any training program.
  • Support General Relaxation: PEMF is a soothing and restorative modality.

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