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Bring Live In-Person Training To Your Clinic


Live, in-person NEUBIE and Optimal Health Services Training. Awards 15 CEUs per attendee across a two-day course “Mastering Optimal Health Technology and Services.”

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NeuPTtech comes to you for a special opportunity for Licensed NEUBIE Practitioners to expand their Optimal health knowledge.

The training is customizable to focus on your clinics needs.  “Mastering Optimal Health Technology and Services” will define Optimal Health, break down common barriers PT’s have in converting patients into cash paying customers and assist clinicians in feeling more comfortable educating and treating patients with technology such as the NEUBIE, HRV, PEMF and more. Mentorship and application of NEUBIE protocols with current patient cases and role playing will also be addressed.


REQUIRED: Virtual NeuPT Tech Course 1 (Intro. to the NEUBIE) and Course 2 (Practical Application and Quick Start) Courses are prerequisites for all participants.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also come to NeuPTtech! Learn more about live training in Tampa.