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Rather than using the traditional electrical stimulation device worldview, what we’re attempting to do achieve more efficient results by NEUBIE electrical stimulation device is impart to a greater degree a tangible sign so instead of a motor signal assuming control over the muscles and making them accomplish something, we’re really imparting a sign as though development is occurring and regardless of whether it isn’t, as though development is occurring and perceiving how the cerebrum reacts to development. Recall the body can do more than it’s as of now doing using the NEUBIE electrical stimulation. Furthermore, in the event that we impart a sign that development is going on in a specific zone, we will have the option to take advantage of where the NEUBIE Electrical stimulation is really effective. NeuPT Technologies was born in the performance lab at Competitive Edge Performance [CEP], a nationally-recognized physical therapy practice that has been termed an “oasis” of recovery for some of the world’s best athletes. At NeuPTTech, we believe that innovation based on science, research, and technology is the future of the physical therapy profession. We use the best NEUBIE electrical stimulation in the world to bring our customers the maximum health fitness.

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Physical Therapy and NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation

The NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation has been shown to have a profound effect on managing acute and chronic pain during countless clinical treatment applications.
Physical Therapists have been recommended by the Centers of Disease Control to alleviate and manage pain involving the neck, shoulders, low back, and knees because:

   PT treatment within two weeks of a neck, knee, back, or shoulder injury reduces the odds of needing opioid pain killers by up to 60%

   80% of patients with knee, back, and shoulder disorders remain opioid-free for at least one year after PT

   Increasing physical activity can reduce the risk of other chronic diseases
The body has the ability to heal itself if given the opportunity. Masking pain with opioids and other medications does not fix the underlying cause(s). Don’t medicate your pain. Treat it. We provide the best NEUBIE electrical stimulation treatment service in Florida.

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NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation For Better Health


The NeuPTTech is joined with the NEUBIE electrical stimulation device allows to upgrade neurological capacity in human body. One convincing part of focusing on the sensory system is the expansiveness of results that this methodology can achieve by NEUBIE electrical stimulation. Since the sensory system controls muscles and development, digestion and hormones, absorption and disposal, chronic pain and feelings, and pulse and circulatory strain, the impacts of this methodology can be sweeping and significant. Contact our team or visit our Physical Therapy Facility and learn more about how you can improve your health with NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation rather than struggling to achieve the optimum health with traditional treatments which takes so much time to prove results. We Provide the best NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation treatment in Florida.


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We believe that innovation based on science, research, and technology is the future of the physical therapy profession with NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our NEUBIE specialists at NeuPTTech.


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