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The MVP Program

$247.00, 547.00 or 947.00/month

The MVP program features robust training, support and coaching for every phase of your physical therapy business to ensure your practice is optimized for success. 

NeuPTtech is Here to Help You Help Others with Dedicated Coaching & Team Training!

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Getting to Know the NeuPTtech MVP Program

Calling All Visionaries in Physical Therapy: Are You Ready to Level Up and Become the MVP Your Practice Needs?

Built by PTs for PTs, the NeuPTtech MVP Program is an exclusive opportunity designed for physical therapy clinic owners who aren’t satisfied just running a business but eager to revolutionize an industry and transform their lives. This is your chance to reach your full potential!

This exclusive program is the perfect launching pad for owners who:

  • Lead with Innovation: You always seek new ways to enhance their practice.
  • Empower Patients & Staff: You’re invested in building a community that thrives on mutual growth and respect.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: You’re always on the lookout for the next big advancement in physical therapy.
  • Champion Core Values: You uphold principles that define the very best of healthcare.
  • Take Action Every Time: You stay proactive, decisive and ready to impact change.

The Benefits of NeuPTtech’s MVP Program 

Joining the MVP Program is like having a business consultant, office administrator and director of operations on hand to affirm your decision-making and deliver peace of mind through proven programs and processes.

Virtual Training for 5 Staff Members

  • Engage in cutting-edge training modules for NEUBIE, HRV, Compliance and more.
  • Gain 12 CEUs per clinician via interactive sessions tailored to your clinic's needs.

Monthly Coaching Call

  • Custom strategies for marketing, ops and clinical initiatives from our experts.
  • Receive actionable insights, assets and programs to drive your clinic's success.

Unlimited NeuPTtech Support

  • Around-the-clock assistance for all your technical needs.
  • Never feel stuck or alone in your journey.

Strategic SOPs & Initiatives

  • Gain VIP access to our library of proven SOPs, research and protocols.
  • Add initiatives for technology, hiring, AI and more to propel you forward.

Regular Accountability Check-ins

  • Keep your goals in sight with frequent progress assessments.
  • Stay accountable for your clinic's growth with a supportive team.

Monthly WIG (Wildly Important Goals) Meeting with Team

  • Focus on critical goals that will make the most impact.
  • Collaborative sessions to ensure team alignment and commitment.

Clinical Education Program

  • Access continual learning opportunities and innovations for you and your team.
  • Stay informed about the latest in physical therapy research and practice.

Shadow Training our Tampa Team

  • Experience firsthand the NeuPTtech way to 4X your revenue.
  • Gain practical insights and programs from our therapy experts at CEP.

LIVE Training at Your Clinic

  • Access hands-on, personalized training with this 2-day intensive program.
  • Get solutions tailor-made to address the unique challenges of your clinic.

Access EXCLUSIVE Events

  • Receive invitations to elite business and networking gatherings.
  • Gain early access and discounts to NeuPTtech innovations and workshops.

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Join the NeuPTtech MVP Program Today!

Elevate your practice, empower your team, and lead the way in innovative physical therapy. Select your program tier and prepare to become the MVP your business needs to succeed. 

All virtual training and support is delivered by NeuPTtech’s dedicated client success team, led by private practice owner and founder of NeuPTtech, Jason Waz. Jason has been stress-testing and utilizing the latest innovations and technology in the industry for 25 years through his private practices in Tampa, Florida, and he and his team are committed to helping as many physical therapy owners as possible achieve their goals.

Seats are limited - enroll today!