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Heart Rate Variability improves wellness and recovery. This non-invasive, 5-minute HRV procedure measures the autonomic nervous system’s balance and makes adjustments in everyday life to reduce stress levels and increase overall health and mental function.

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  • Tablet PC pre loaded for plug and play setup
  • Onboarding & Training with NeuPTtech expert staff
  • Clinical HRV System (pictured below)


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True to its name, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures the variation in time between each heartbeat, controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It focuses on the balance between the sympathetic nervous system which controls the body’s “fight or flight” response and the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the “rest and digest” response that is generally associated with recovery, healing and relaxation.

HRV Diagnostics is a non-invasive, 5-minute procedure that outlines a picture of your wellness and recovery capacity by gaining biofeedback from electrical activity of the heart. The brain processes information and sends signals to the rest of the body either to stimulate or to relax different functions. It responds to a poor night’s sleep, an argument with your spouse, exciting news of a promotion or a tasty meal at your favorite restaurant.

If you experience persistent instigators like stress, poor sleep, unhealthy diet, dysfunctional relationships, lack of exercise, etc., this balance is disrupted and your fight-or-flight response takes over. By examining stress response, control of hormones, biological age and more, your clinician has the tools in place to positively improve these functions with a custom plan of care.

An HRV Score helps accomplish these goals:

–  Measure and reduce stress
–  Improve mental health
–  Improve mental performance
–  Optimize athletic training
–  progress & resilience
–  Improve immune function

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