Create Functional Training Success at Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Torque Fitness Helps You Do More With Less Space

NeuPTtech trusts the innovators of functional fitness at Torque to deliver the best training equipment for a physical therapy practice while staying relevant to the evolution of the fitness industry. From stability balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, and beyond, Torque Fitness is made specifically to be an all-in-one solution. As a free-standing functional training system, Torque's fitness systems are available anchored or non-anchored in a center, wall, or bridge space configuration.

Four Key Benefits of Torque Fusion:

1. The Right Equipment

We determine the right product to save you the most space and money.

2. The Right Layout

Our design services ensure your clinic is as intuitive as the equipment.

3. The Right Programming

Torque fuses with a variety of fitness programs to enhance training.

4. The Right Athletic Measurement

Track your progress as you train and hit your goals.


NeuPTtech Has a System for Every PT Clinic:

Torque Fitness Package 1


  • Ideal for small PT clinic (2-3 clinicians)
  • Best Fit: Retro-fit outdated “workout” area in an existing practice
  • Replaces all racks, pulleys and cables
  • Minimal footprint, 2 suspension trainer bays
  • Shelving holds all functional fitness accessories
  • Can be anchored to the floor away from a wall in order to serve a dual purpose with stall bars on the back side for balance and body weight supported activities
Torque Fitness Package 2


  • Ideal for small PT clinic (2-3 clinicians)
  • Best Fit: Rebrand physical therapy department, open a cash-based fitness model or launch an optimal health services wing at the clinic
  • Includes all of the function of “Package 1” with added resistance training functional cable module
  • All systems are modular for future expansion to help clinics grow their training equipment space easily as their practice grows
Torque Fitness Package 3


  • Ideal for larger PT clinic (3+ clinicians)
  • Best Fit: Startups or expanding clinics opening new locations in order to add the best functional modern exercise equipment available
  • Includes all of the function of “Package 2” with added suspension bay and stall bars
  • You get one chance to make a first impression and this system is seen as an instant differentiator when your customers walk into your new space for the first time

The NeuPTtech and Torque Fitness Difference:

NeuPTtech Difference


Expect best in class support! Our clients trust our training and knowledge when it comes to deploying new technology in their private practices. We’ll help you every step of the way as you get started and continue to support you down the road.

Torque Fitness for Physical Therapy


NeuPTtech works closely with our Torque Fitness design team to ensure you receive the ideal, custom system for a physical therapy environment looking to deliver a variety of training options while also keeping all accessories and equipment organized.

Insider Pricing


Thanks to our industry partnerships, we are able to give exclusive, class-leading pricing to NeuPTtech Affiliates and Customers. This pricing is not available online. We also organize the shipping, delivery and setup so you don't have to!

Jason Waz - NeuPTtech
Jason Waz, Founder and Owner, NeuPTtech

Torque Fitness is a perfect addition to the Clinic of the Future. It's simple, modern, takes up little space and doesn’t require studs in walls. The functional training solutions can advance everyone from a traditional hip replacement patient to the pro athlete, all in a very small footprint."