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Avoid Over-Training Clients by Measuring and Tracking Heart Rate Variability

As a physical therapist, we have our patient’s best interest in mind as we craft a program to rehabilitate their injury or help them reach their health potential. However, it’s often difficult to understand exactly what they are experiencing internally.

Elevate Your Physical Therapy Clinic with Concierge, High-Tech Services

Any business owner knows that differentiating yourself from the competition is the key to success. However for physical therapy clinics that use similar treatment methods, it can be rather difficult to nichè down. One way you can differentiate your PT clinic...

How Physical Therapists Can Treat Osteoarthritis Using PEMF

As a physical therapy clinic owner, you constantly seek new ways to help your patients recover and improve their quality of life. However, patients with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis present a unique challenge. Their condition is often progressive...

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent, an Interview with Jason Waz and MEG Business

After 2022's "Great Resignation" and the rising phenomenon of "Quiet Quitting", staffing challenges are increasingly creating strain on businesses, including physical therapy practices. Employee issues can ultimately make or break your service-based business,...

How Modern Clinicians are Measuring Biological Age Using HRV

Ever wonder why some 50-year-olds radiate the vitality of their 30s, while others seem to lack that same energy?

How the NEUBIE Can Revolutionize Treatment for MS Patients

A new study is now available showing how the NEUBIE can help patients experiencing spasticity and loss of muscle tone due to Multiple Sclerosis.

Augment Clinical Skills and Boost Revenue with Physical Therapy Coaching

Physical therapy clinic owners face responsibilities that extend far beyond treating patients.

Leveraging Physical Therapy Technology & Cash-Based Services to Generate More Revenue

Leveraging Physical Therapy Technology & Cash-Based Services to Generate More Revenue

HRV for Physical Therapy Helps Diagnose and Develop Smarter Treatment Plans

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring has become an integral part of the fitness community with the rise in popularity of wearable devices. However, it can also be a powerful diagnostic tool that can revolutionize your patient care with the right clinical...

What to Expect When Using the NEUBIE for a PT Patient’s First Session

Are you or your patients wondering what to expect when using the NEUBIE device for physical therapy? Consider this user-friendly guide for using the NEUBIE e-stim for the first time.