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PT for Long COVID Can Help Solve the Next Public Health Disaster

Thanks to the advancements in physical therapy programs for Long COVID, physical therapists currently have the opportunity to positively affect a large number of struggling individuals in their community who have had COVID-19 and now are experiencing...

The Next Public Health Crisis: Long COVID 

[PLEASE NOTE: This blog was contributed by Jodi Hinkle, Founder of HerQuest.]

Heart Rate Variability: Physical Therapy Technology for Long COVID

What makes Heart Rate Variability the preferred Physical Therapy Technology for patients with Long COVID symptoms?

The Future of Clinic Care Depends On What You Do Today

I reconnected with a friend from PT school recently, and he shared a compelling study from the Inpatient Rehab Facility perspective which posited that the future of healthcare was dependent on the value that providers can deliver through next-generation...