Innovative Physical Therapy Technology to Differentiate Your Private Practice

[This blog is a guest post written by Brian Gallagher PT, President & Founder of MEG Business Management]

I believe we are looking at life through a very different lens.

These days, people want what they feel that they deserve and are beginning to question the “same old” approaches to just about everything.

The same holds true in our profession of physical therapy in that we are treating a more educated public who perceive that the technological advancements they see around them should apply to their healthcare. 

Out of necessity in 2020 we witnessed the surge of Telehealth services and their effectiveness for thousands of Americans. It almost makes you wonder: Why did it take a global pandemic for us to embrace Zoom and Telehealth to their full potential for patient care that provides seamless, one-on-one interactions, leading to swifter results?

The Old Approach to Patient Care

Many providers knew that they had to re-examine their treatment approach, employee culture and overall way of doing business. Many realized that it was high time for greater work/life balance and beyond that, more effective patient care that is not a step backward into the 90’s style of patient treatment.

There’s an informal saying for this kind of care called the “Shake and Bake.”

Meaning that, after the evaluation, all patients get a similar (if not the exact same) plan of care and treatments, such as exercise with or without massage followed by heat – then out the door they go. Fortunately, many patients are catching onto this ineffective treatment style and are looking for a more personal approach to their care.

There is more awareness of the complications with health insurance carriers that demand higher monthly premiums while asking patients to pay more out of pocket; at the same time, cutting reimbursement to those professionals who are trying to provide the services.

In some cases, this is forcing healthcare providers to make a choice between seeing a higher volume of patients with less engagement, or choosing to forgo the insurance contracts and go out-of-network so patients can receive the one-on-one quality of care that they deserve. 

The New Approach to Patient Care

Luckily, there’s a third option.

At MEG, we are seeing successful private practice owners remodel their entire practice to adopt innovative technologies that are less time-consuming and far more effective than the old “Shake and Bake” practices.

These go beyond what’s happening at the treatment table to enhance the physical environment, company structure and the overall practice culture.

By embracing a hybrid business model with innovative treatment solutions, you’ll have both your patients and clinicians winning.

In a nutshell, these innovative approaches are based in modern science that constitute a broader, more comprehensive patient care approach. Meaning that if you come into one of these progressive clinics with neck pain or a knee injury, you are no longer just being viewed as a neck or knee case. You are being evaluated as the whole person and examined from head to toe for all the factors that may have led to the dysfunction.

New Physical Therapy Technologies

With the advent of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) we can now establish, in a non-invasive manner, the baseline of the client’s physical state. Based on the analysis of this data, the doctor of physical therapy can quickly determine your body’s recovery capacity to develop your individualized treatment plan with greater precision.

In addition, HRV can be used throughout the plan of care for repeated scans to confirm the body’s positive reaction to the physical therapy interventions.

Physical therapists strive to attain objectively measured outcomes that will validate their plan of care – and this is a powerfully effective technology that does precisely that.

I also believe that we need to consider all possible contributing factors impacting our efforts towards achieving optimum health, and for many of us this includes environmental factors.

We all suffer to some degree from the harmful effects of known sources of damaging frequencies: cell towers, power lines, computers, phones, tablets, Wifi, and bluetooth devices. This is in addition to the hundreds of artificial chemicals we come in contact with each year, which reduce our body’s defense mechanisms and natural healing properties. Researching these is just another way to protect your body and achieve optimum health.

New Physical Therapy Technology to Differentiate Your Practice

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology (PEMF) is a treatment approach that directs a safe, non-invasive series of pulsed energy waves through the body, increasing energy storages at the cellular level. By decreasing your nervous system’s “fight or flight” response, PEMF therapy can be directed to enhance the restorative rest capacity in areas of your body that have suffered chronic damage or acute injury. Not achieving this level of restorative rest often leads to a sub-optimal level of overall health.

The final layer of revolutionizing private practices into modern day, cutting-edge clinics must include the use of the NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation modality. Words such as “unparalleled” and “phenomenal” are often used by providers when describing their patient care experiences after incorporating this in their plans of care. 

Since graduating in 1992, I must say that for the 15+ years that followed, there was nothing truly revolutionary that entered the scene of out-patient rehab until recently with the introduction of the NEUBIE and the above technologies.

The NEUBIE in particular has been reported highly effective at treating chronic pain, radiculopathy, and at resetting dysfunctional muscular firing patterns. Since the treatment involves motor point mapping followed by specific rehab exercise protocols while the “pulsed direct current” is delivered, patients and therapists have been experiencing exceptional outcomes. Learn more frequently asked questions about the NEUBIE

Be a Leader in Your Private Practice Market

If Apple is arguably the #1 computer company in the world, this is largely due to the brand empire which has been built by their products performance and consumer satisfaction.

The same can be said for physical therapy practices that refuse to continue treating like it’s 1995 – who are willing to adopt these cutting-edge examples of innovative technology for the betterment of their patients. 

Such an investment is made with the intention to:

  1. Improve patient outcomes
  2. Advance the skills and expertise of the providers
  3. Build a quality brand name based on the results as voiced by the patients.

Partner with the Leaders in Private Practice Management

If you are looking to unlock your body’s full healing potential and believe it must come from an evolving therapy provider who isn’t stuck in the 90’s, ask to be educated on NeuPTTech’s clinical approach and review their clinical philosophy. 

It’s true that high quality care must come from highly-trained and experienced providers, but also ones that have been trained in innovative technologies that settle for nothing less than a modern day approach to your holistic needs.

By taking the time to seek out professionally trained PT technology providers, you can rest assured that there is nothing under the sun that has been missed, and that you have done your homework. 

Contact MEG for more tips on what to look for in your physical therapy practice so you can start operating in the top 10%.

Jason Waz
Jason Waz has always been a pioneer in the use of technology in Physical Therapy. It's what led him to found his company, NeuPT Technologies with his mission to bring the field of PT into the next generation through science, research and innovation. The NEUBIE device is the flagship product that was the inspiration for the company. As a “blue ocean” product, it has untapped potential in the PT marketplace. The positive effects the electrical stimulation device has had on every patient it has touched has paved a path for innovation awards in the near future and incredible patient outcomes in the meantime.  From a personal business growth standpoint, when Jason added this technology to his business, it increased revenue to record levels every single month with an improvement of over 56% compared to the prior 5 year average. Additionally, cash pay increased more than 200% over the same time period. This same growth has been proven to be achievable by any practice that adopts this technology. Interested in getting similar results? Let's chat!

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