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MVP Program - NeuPTtech Blog

Get Your Business Off the Sidelines in 2023 with the MVP Program

In the physical therapy industry, there are owners who have gone before you to pave a path to marketing, operations and clinical success. The MVP Program partners you with a seasoned expert who has done what you are trying to do, so you can tap into their wealth of knowledge, experience and resources to overcome the challenges you face and make the right decisions that will help achieve your goals. Go from “owning your job” to being the CEO of your private practice!

Differentiate Yourself - NeuPTtech Blog

How to Give 100% and Differentiate from Your Physical Therapy Competition

Physical therapists need to think outside of the box and then TAKE ACTION to help improve their business and patient outcomes because traditional therapy methods alone may not be the best option available for patients. This blog shows you how to differentiate from the competition by giving 100%.

Maximizing Athletic Performance Through Heart Rate Variability Training - NeuPTtech Blog

Maximizing Athletic Performance Through Heart Rate Variability Training

HRV is a valuable physical therapy technology for private practices to use in order to maximize athletic performance in their patients. By using HRV assessments to monitor changes in training intensity and recovery, PTs can help athletes and active adults stay healthy and perform at their best. 

ANS for Optimal Health - NeuPTtech Blog

Unlock the Autonomic Nervous System: How PTs Help Patients Achieve Optimal Health

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is responsible for regulating a wide range of bodily functions, including heart rate, digestion and respiration. As physical therapists, we play a critical role in helping patients affect their health and wellness by improving their ANS function with a variety of different techniques and interventions that help them reach their optimal health.

2023 PEMF Buyers Guide - NeuPTtech Blog

The 2023 PEMF Machine Buying Guide

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate the cells and tissues in the body. PEMF therapy is used to essentially “recharge your batteries” and provide an incredible source of energy and vitality, which can lead to a variety of health benefits. Learn the benefits with this PEMF Buyers Guide.

NeuPTtech Top Blogs for 2022

The Most Popular NeuPTtech Blogs of 2022

This year, NeuPTtech produced a variety of content around small business best practices, physical therapy technology, clinical environment recommendations, etc., and we wanted to share your favorites back with you.

How to Prepare Your Physical Therapy Clinic for 2023 - NeuPTtech Blog

How to Prepare Your Physical Therapy Clinic for the New Year

As a physical therapist, you know that success in your clinic depends on providing the best care possible for your patients. And since our goal is always to help you help others, we want to give you some fast tips on where you can focus to get the best results in 2023. 

Beyond ActivePure Air Purification System - NeuPTtech Blog

Give the Gift of Clean Air this Holiday Season

See why NeuPTtech recommends Beyond Guardian Air by ActivePure – the ultimate air purification system that will keep your facility safe and clean. This powerful air purification system is equipped with ActivePure Technology, which helps eliminate airborne and surface contaminants like dust, dander, pollen and other pollutants. Not only does it keep your clinical environment free from harmful toxins, but it also helps reduce odors, improve air quality and provide a healthier clinic atmosphere.

Physical Therapy for Long COVID - NeuPTtech Blog

PT for Long COVID Can Help Solve the Next Public Health Disaster

Long COVID presents an opportunity for the physical therapist to treat patient symptoms in a way others cannot. Physical therapy is more than just helping alleviate pain and restore mobility. Thanks to incredible advancements in physical therapy technology, we can now target the patient’s nervous system and understand exactly where their dysfunction lies.

Holiday Bundle - NeuPTtech Blog

The NeuPTtech Holiday Bundle Event is LIVE!

From now until the end of the year, we're bringing back the Bundle promotion by popular demand and stacking even more value! Now, you can buy any combination of two or more: the NEUBIE, the HRV System and the Beyond ActivePure and save some serious money for your business while providing some BIG results for your patients.

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NEUBIE: Introduction for the Physical Therapist
NEUBIE: Practical Application & Quick Start Protocols for the Physical Therapist

For every NEUBIE purchased from NeuPTtech, the buyer will be allowed 5 complimentary user accounts for both virtual NEUBIE training programs. This allows 5 staff members to receive 12 CEUs each, which represents a $5,000 value.

Additional user accounts can be purchased as needed in groups of 5 for $1,500 (a $3,500 savings).

Please note: For each additional NEUBIE purchased, 5 complimentary user accounts will be provided. For example, 3 NEUBIEs will receive 15 total user accounts.

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