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NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - Back 2 Normal PT

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy

Our latest NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight series takes us to St. Petersburg, Florida to speak with Lisa Chase. Her private practice, Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy, has been delivering a personalized, holistic care approach to accelerate their patients’ healing and pain relief while promoting overall wellness for everyone who enters their clinic. This investment in health, performance and physical therapy technology quickly led them to the NEUBIE device.

Neubie Machine for Physical Therapy

The NEUBIE Machine for Physical Therapy: How to Get Started

Physical therapy clinics are leveraging this game-changing electrical stimulation NEUBIE device to deliver the rehabilitation, reconditioning and movement prep necessary to essentially create better results for their patients.

NEUBIE Removes Pain and Improves Recovery - Blog

How the NEUBIE Removes Pain and Improves Recovery

See why the NEUBIE machine is being effectively used in physical therapy treatments as a neuromuscular reeducation system that can remove pain and improve recovery. This technological breakthrough for the physical therapy industry is changing the world of rehab!

6 Benefits of the NEUBIE Blog

6 Ways the NEUBIE Can Benefit Your Physical Therapy Clinic

The NEUBIE e-stim device leads the charge in the Physical Therapy Practice of the future, and that’s why we’re sharing the incredible ways the NEUBIE can benefit your private practice and your patients.

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - MATRX Health & Fitness

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: MATRX Health & Fitness

MATRX Health & Fitness, a therapist-owned private practice in Macomb, MI delivers physical therapy through techniques and technologies that are supported by clinical research, like the NEUBIE.

PEMF Therapy for Physical Therapy Clinics

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) for Physical Therapy

Learn more about PEMF Therapy, an FDA-approved, non-invasive, safe technology that uses magnetic energy to recharge your body. Considered “energy medicine,” PEMF devices direct pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas of a patient’s body.

Restorative Physical Therapy & Core Wellness

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Restorative Physical Therapy & Core Wellness

This week, the spotlight has landed on Restorative Physical Therapy & Core Wellness, a private practice in Lexington, Kentucky, as the owner, Tiffany Hamilton, MSPT, walks us through how the NEUBIE has been instrumental in providing prevention and treatment within their outpatient physical therapy services and the athletic community.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Assessment Blog

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Assessment For Your Physical Therapy Practice

As a physical therapy owner considering the top physical therapy technology solutions to incorporate into your practice, building heart rate variability assessment therapy into your optimal health services not only benefits patients, but it helps to grow your business, too.

The Physical Therapy Clinic of the Future

The Future of Physical Therapy: Optimal Health

We're bringing the model for the future of physical therapy offices and making it available to private practice owners everywhere. All it takes is a caring atmosphere, attention to detail, personalized care with open minded clinicians and the most innovative technology on the market.

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - Focus Physical Therapy

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Focus Physical Therapy

We shine a spotlight on a relatively new physical therapy practice in Santa Clarita Valley, CA: Focus Physical Therapy. Having just been awarded the best PT clinic in the city, owner Adam Laraway discusses his excitement for the NEUBIE and how it has propelled his practice in just two short years.

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