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NEUBIE Case Study for Bicep Tear - NeuPTtech

NEUBIE Case Study: Recovering from a Bicep Tear in 5 Weeks

When the forces of physics and nature meet, sometimes an injury is inevitable. After a bicep tear playing hockey, Jason Waz uses the NEUBIE to fast track his recovery and rehabilitation to avoid surgery and get back on the ice.

ActivePure Technology - Scientific Proof Blog - NeuPTtech

The Science Behind ActivePure Technology for Physical Therapy Clinics

ActivePure technology provides a scientifically proven system that can keep your staff and patients safe and focused on recovery by stopping the spread of pathogens (and the anxieties surrounding them) in their tracks. 

Physical Therapy Technology for Optimal Health - NeuPTtech Blog

Physical Therapy Technology for Optimal Health and Wellness 

The various optimal health solutions highlighted by NeuPTtech have been proven to create more efficient and effective physical therapy programs that enhance patient outcomes and grow year-over-year business results. Originally serving as the research and development arm of Jason Waz’s private practices in Tampa, FL, NeuPTtech has grown to become a trusted resource and consultant for the most innovative, effective physical therapy technology available. 

Add Rocket Fuel to Patient Outcomes - NeuPTtech Blog

How to Add Rocket Fuel to Patient (and Business) Outcomes

Your goal is to be the best physical therapy clinic in town so you can help the greatest amount of patients possible. To that end, our goal is to help you help others. But it is never an easy path. In fact, it’s often filled with missteps, starts and stops and a whole lot more than they pointed out in PT school. We know firsthand - here's our story.

Gator100 Award Blog - NeuPTtech

Founder of NeuPTtech Honored as a 2022 Gator100 Winner

Competitive Edge Performance, Jason Waz’s flagship clinic in Tampa, FL, has been recognized as one of the world’s fastest-growing University of Florida alumni-owned businesses. This validates NeuPTtech's approach to use physical therapy technology to improve patient and business outcomes.

Peer Reviewed NEUBIE Study by USF - NeuPTtech

Peer Reviewed NEUBIE Study: NEUBIE Improves Muscle Training with Less Work

The research world regarding Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NEUBIE) has been changing rapidly over the past few years. A recent study led by the University of South Florida presents the most substantial evidence that NEUBIE strength training can provide similar gains to traditional muscle training with less work. This NEUBIE study, published in the peer reviewed Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions offers excellent insight into this option for physical therapy practices and anyone interested in NEUBIE research and outcomes.

HRV FAQ Blog - NeuPTtech

Heart Rate Variability Frequently Asked Questions

As leaders in providing HRV technology to physical therapy programs across the US, we consider heart rate variability one of the most important measures of your overall health. To that end, this HRV FAQ was compiled to highlight the value of an HRV assessment and answer some of the most common heart rate variability (HRV) questions we receive at NeuPTtech.

HRV Comparison Blog - NeuPTtech

Comparing a Clinical HRV System vs. a HRV Wearable

When it comes to measuring heart rate variability (HRV), there are two practical options to choose from - clinical HRV systems and HRV wearables. This blog compares the important distinctions between them both.

Concussion Case Study - Master Reset - NeuPTtech Blog

HRV and NEUBIE Master Reset: Concussion Case Study

This case study is an account of a concussion patient who was treated with a Master Reset protocol by Scott Heltzel, PT, DPT at Freedom Physical Therapy in Wisconsin. By utilizing heart rate variability to measure the balance of the patient’s autonomic nervous system and the NEUBIE device to assist with any necessary neuromuscular reeducation, Dr. Heltzel was able to relieve all patient symptoms after just three visits.

Torque Fitness System - NeuPTtech Blog

Functional Fitness System for the Physical Therapy Clinic of the Future

When patients walk into your physical therapy practice, are you giving off the “Apple Store” vibes or still looking like...

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