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Giving Thanks - NeuPTtech Blog

Giving Thanks for Physical Therapy Technology & Community

We have a lot to be thankful for as private practice owners, from the return to in-person treatment to the strides physical therapy technology has made to create the private practice of the future. As we reflect on the growth of our industry and our business, we wanted to take a breath and acknowledge what we are incredibly grateful for at NeuPTtech.

EOY Promotion - NeuPTtech

End-of-Year Promotional Pricing on the NEUBIE, HRV and ActivePure Technology

Special end-of-year pricing and add-ons are available for the suite of services offered by NeuPTtech, including the NEUBIE, HRV assessment and ActivePure technology. We break down the biggest promotions for physical therapy owners to take advantage of this holiday season.

2021 PPS Conference - NeuPTtech

NeuPTtech at 2021 PPS Annual Conference and Exhibition

PPS 2021 is a chance to earn CEUs while talking to and learning from your peers in the PT industry. See where you can connect with Jason Waz from NeuPTtech this year!

How to Destroy COVID in Indoor Air - NeuPTtech

ActivePure: How to Destroy COVID Indoors

The public health experts are coming to realize that the fight against this pandemic starts with keeping our indoor air clean. That’s why destroying COVID indoors is critical to ending the pandemic. And this technology gets it done.

PT Wired Promotion Blog - NeuPTtech

The Power of PT Wired for Your Physical Therapy Practice

In a recent Zoom Cast interview, I met with Vikram Sethuraman, CEO and founder of PT Wired. His business is an innovative physical therapy technology solution that allows PT owners everywhere to have their own white-labeled, custom branded app.

Physical Therapy Technology Promotion Blog - NeuPTtech

Promotion: 2 Physical Therapy Technologies in 1 Cost-Savings Bundle

If you haven’t implemented NeuPTtech’s HRV System and the NEUBIE e-stim device into your private practice, you’re missing out on some incredible results. See the impact these optimal health services can have on your patients and your business!

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - Crest Physical Therapy and Wellness

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Crest Physical Therapy and Wellness

With less than a year in business as a private physical therapy practice in Torrance, CA, Brian Micheletti is taking his team and his patients to new heights with the NEUBIE machine. Here’s his story!

Post-Pandemic Health and Wellness - NeuPTtech

Promoting Health and Wellness at Your Private Practice Post-Pandemic

We’ve seen a continuous uptick in the amount of patients who are eagerly returning to live therapy, thankful to do so with the proper precautions and relieved to see the steps we have put in place to protect their health and wellness within the clinic.

NeuPT HRV Assessment - Blog

Help Patients Achieve Optimal Health with the NeuPT HRV System

As a physical therapist, are you using "heart rate variability" (HRV) assessments to deliver a better plan of care for your patients? It can be a great tool to motivate behavioral changes and help patients become more aware of how the mental and physical state affects their nervous system and body functions and, in turn, their overall health.

NeuPTtech - Aerus ActivePure Technology Blog

How Technology Can Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Private Practice

Safety and health remains paramount in our industry and COVID-19 has certainly made it harder for immunocompromised individuals to seek care. Health-conscious patients are looking for a practice that employs additional safety measures to ensure they’re at low risk when seeking physical therapy - and it’s our duty as practice owners to provide it.

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NEUBIE: Practical Application & Quick Start Protocols for the Physical Therapist

For every NEUBIE purchased from NeuPTtech, the buyer will be allowed 5 complimentary user accounts for both virtual NEUBIE training programs. This allows 5 staff members to receive 12 CEUs each, which represents a $5,000 value.

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