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Nate Smith NEUBIE Case Study - NeuPTtech Blog

NHL Player Rehabs in Time for Rookie Camp Thanks to Innovative Therapy Model

Nate Smith spent the NHL offseason recovering from ankle surgery. His original goal was to be ready for training camp, but thanks to the NEUBIE training and an expert rehab program, he's trending ahead of schedule and ready for rookie camp in mid-September.

iMRS Prime PEMF - NeuPTtech Blog

iMRS Prime Reinvents PEMF Therapy

To help physical therapy clinics all over the U.S. harness PEMF therapy's powerful tech to produce balance within their patients, NeuPTtech has partnered with iMRS Prime, a Swiss Bionic Solutions product, to deliver a more effective, affordable solution to PTs.

Understanding NEUBIE Safety and NEUBIE Side Effects - NeuPTtech Blog

Understanding NEUBIE Safety and NEUBIE Side Effects

Thanks to the NeuFit protocols that have been put in place alongside NeuPTtech’s research and development within the physical therapy industry, the NEUBIE is a safe, proven device that finds the self-imposed “governors” our body has in place due to past traumas or bad habits and can recalibrate them.

Physical Therapy Technology for Rehabilitation

The Role of Physical Therapy Technology in Rehabilitation

The physical therapy industry, like most, has seen a substantial shift in the last few years as the introduction of physical therapy technology has helped therapists go beyond the healing power of touch and leverage new hardware and software to improve patient care programs that fast-track recovery and deliver more concise, optimal results. 


How E-Stim from NEUBIE Device Improves Gait in Parkinson’s Patients

We explain how electrical stimulation from the NEUBIE, combined with physical therapy and balance interventions are reaping great results for patients suffering from several neurological disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and dementia.

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - OMT Specialists

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: OMT Specialists

This clinic spotlight heads to Germantown, Maryland to interview Dr. Logan Cooper to see why he decided to test the NEUBIE on himself before using it to transform the lives of his patients.

How the NEUBIE Helps Professional Athletes and Personal Users - NeuPTtech Blog

How the NEUBIE Helps Professional Athletes and Personal Users

NeuFit and NeuPTtech have worked alongside a number of pro athletes to train them in how to get the most out the NEUBIE’s FDA-cleared electro-therapy. This physical therapy technology addresses the underlying dysfunctional neurological signals and identifies the disconnect between the nervous system and muscles with 100% accuracy. By eliminating pain at its core and speeding up the recovery process, it’s no wonder why elite athletes have embraced the NEUBIE device for injury rehabilitation and enhancing athletic performance. 

Clinical Coaching Program - NeuPTtech

The Benefits of a Physical Therapy Clinical Coaching Program

Clinical coaching programs allow PT owners to work with someone who is already at the place where they want to be. By drawing inspiration and guidance from a proven coach, it can help startups or expanding businesses build the right clinical environment, embrace the right equipment, improve their patient outcomes and even design the right marketing and referral program to drive more business. The key is to find a private practice coach that specializes in the specific area of business that you need to optimize.

Air Purification Technology Blog - NeuPTtech

Air Purification Technology for the Physical Therapy Practice

People visiting healthcare facilities remain cautious about airborne pathogens and surface areas that can be carrying unwanted germs and viruses. Business owners have taken proactive measures to sanitize their space to protect the safety of their patients and we introduce the best air quality technology available for physical therapy clinics.

Case Study of NEUBIE for Neuropathy- NeuPTtech

CASE STUDY SNAPSHOT: Treating Neuropathy with the NEUBIE

At NeuPTtech, and through our private practices in Tampa, Competitive Edge Performance, we are so proud to see the positive outcomes and the HOPE that the NEUBIE provides patients who are suffering from debilitating nerve conditions. This snapshot of a case study shows how the NEUBIE helped a patient with chemo-induced neuropathy regain 100% feeling in both hands and feet.

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