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NEUBIE Diagnostic Process

How Does the NEUBIE Work: The Diagnostic Process

To understand how the NEUBIE works, let’s breakdown the diagnostic process as outlined in the white paper: “NEUBIE A New Paradigm in Electrical Stimulation” by Garrett Salpeter, Founder of NeuFit and partner of NeuPTtech.

Next Level NEUBIE Blog

How Private Practices Reach the Next Level with the NEUBIE

Now is the time to turn your employees into entrepreneurs by enabling their abilities to market the NEUBIE and eliminate the guesswork when selling packages. It's time to leverage your NEUBIE investment.

NEUBIE Research from Health in Motion

Physical Therapy Clinic’s Preliminary NEUBIE Research Shows ROI

One clinic's mission to answer “Does using the NEUBIE as a part of an entire plan of care make a difference on patient satisfaction or function?” leads to impressive results!

NEUBIE Research - Blog Banner

The NEUBIE Research Physical Therapists Are Raving About

Private practice owners are discovering the importance of adding a NEUBIE to their physical therapy clinic thanks to current research that proves the NEUBIE is a massive differentiator for private practices!

NEUBIE PT reviews Blog Banner

Physical Therapy Owners Review the NEUBIE Machine

This article introduces several PT Owners who share their NEUBIE experience and statistics to give you a better understanding of why the NEUBIE is perfect for physical therapy.

NEUBIE for Physical Therapy

Why Physical Therapy Clinics Should Purchase a NEUBIE Machine

The NEUBIE has helped physical therapy practices increase their patient visits and business revenue at a staggering rate, way beyond the industry standard and significantly above the top performing clinics across the country. See how!

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