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How Technology Can Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Private Practice

Safety and health remains paramount in our industry and COVID-19 has certainly made it harder for immunocompromised individuals to seek care. Health-conscious patients are looking for a practice that employs additional safety measures to ensure they’re at low risk when seeking physical therapy - and it’s our duty as practice owners to provide it.

Physical Therapy Clinic Design Layout - Blog

4 Physical Therapy Clinic Design Layout Tips

Whether you're getting ready to launch your own physical therapy business or looking for new ways to heighten the standard of care at your practice, our team is happy to share some physical therapy layout best practices we’ve acquired from operating several successful private practices and coaching PT owners like yourself on various ways to optimize your space and add rocket fuel to your revenue. 

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight - Freedom Physical Therapy and Performance

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Freedom Physical Therapy & Performance

This NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight shines on Freedom Physical Therapy & Performance, a private practice in Dillsburg, PA, that uses innovative tech to achieve the greatest patient outcomes possible. It was this mission that led them to the NEUBIE.

How to Design a Physical Therapy Clinic - NeuPTtech

How to Design a Patient-Centric Physical Therapy Practice

The right practice design blueprint will help modernize your practice, get you out of the 90s office-park style of clinic design and help your services stand out from the competition. 

Physical Therapy Clinic Layout - Blog Banner

Your Physical Therapy Practice Layout Impacts Your Entire Business

If you're currently in the process of starting or developing your private practice—or you already have a business up and running—there's one element about your workspace that you may not have considered. We're talking about physical therapy clinic design—something that seems so basic but can have a significant impact on your success as a clinician.

Biostrap Labs and Neufit Study on NEUBIE - blog

2021 Study Confirms Long-Term Efficacy of NEUBIE Direct Current Therapy

Good news for NEUBIE practitioners everywhere: The research is finally catching up to the clinical success that physical therapists are experiencing with the NEUBIE. 

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