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How the NEUBIE Helps Professional Athletes and Personal Users

More and more professional athletes are choosing the NEUBIE to improve their fitness, performance and recovery. In fact, now over 13 professional sports teams and more than 6 universities have added the NEUBIE e-stim device to their training room to help...

The Benefits of a Physical Therapy Clinical Coaching Program

Starting a practice can be extremely hard, and that difficulty doesn’t exactly diminish over time. With every chapter of your business comes a new challenge or opportunity to tackle. Luckily, successful practice owners are out there who have invaluable...

Air Purification Technology for the Physical Therapy Practice

Indoor air quality is top of mind for business owners, because – like most things that drive business behavior – it’s top of mind for their customers. Luckily, there is a sustainable air purification technology that has been proven to reduce surface and...

CASE STUDY SNAPSHOT: Treating Neuropathy with the NEUBIE

Case Study Overview: In this case study snapshot, we head to Kansas where a patient of Wilkens Physical Therapy had chemo induced neuropathy in both feet and hands which made him unable to walk on uneven surfaces, button his shirt, or even walk in the house...

The Next Public Health Crisis: Long COVID 

[PLEASE NOTE: This blog was contributed by Jodi Hinkle, Founder of HerQuest.]

10 Ways to Achieve a Healthy Autonomic Nervous System

Everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy. Maybe it’s to stay ahead of a potential cold that shows up right before the big vacation – maybe it’s to increase energy and overall well being – or maybe it’s to release the feelings of stress and anxiety that...

How Physical Therapy Technology Improves Patient Satisfaction

We’re in this for the patients.

Heart Rate Variability: Physical Therapy Technology for Long COVID

What makes Heart Rate Variability the preferred Physical Therapy Technology for patients with Long COVID symptoms?

Understanding Long COVID and How the Physical Therapy Practice Can Help

As private practice owners and clinicians, we adapted our operations and programs to keep standing (and even grow) in face of a pandemic. Now, two years later, a new challenge is here.

The Future of Clinic Care Depends On What You Do Today

I reconnected with a friend from PT school recently, and he shared a compelling study from the Inpatient Rehab Facility perspective which posited that the future of healthcare was dependent on the value that providers can deliver through next-generation...