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Take Action: Scale Your Private Practice and Patient Results

As a physical therapist, you play a crucial role in helping patients regain their mobility, reduce pain and improve their overall quality of life. You are the leader choosing what business model, what equipment, what programs to utilize and what employees...

Give the Gift of Clean Air this Holiday Season

Protect your patients and employees with a trusted air purification system. Clean air in your business is essential for a productive, healthy and safe work environment. Purification systems not only improve air quality, but they also reduce the risk of health...

The NeuPTtech Holiday Bundle Event is LIVE!

Give yourself the gift of extra savings for the holidays, and shop NeuPTtech’s Holiday Bundle Event while supplies last.

Air Purification Technology for the Physical Therapy Practice

Indoor air quality is top of mind for business owners, because – like most things that drive business behavior – it’s top of mind for their customers. Luckily, there is a sustainable air purification technology that has been proven to reduce surface and...

The Science Behind ActivePure Technology for Physical Therapy Clinics

Staying healthy is a significant concern for businesses to run efficiently and these days it is paramount, especially within physical therapy practices. At the same time, having to proactively clean and scrub to keep away any unwanted pathogens or viruses is...

Physical Therapy Technology for Optimal Health and Wellness 

Physical therapy technology has come a long way and continues to revolutionize patient care, rehabilitation and development. When patients seek out optimal health and wellness solutions, does your clinic stand out?

How to Protect Your Private Practice from Omicron and Other Viruses

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 cases are shattering records, with the United States reporting at least 1.1 million new COVID cases in a day, according to Reuters.

Top 5 Physical Therapy Technology Trends of 2022

New Year’s Resolutions are here, and we’re sure to see a wave of newly excited patients looking for the best in fitness and optimal health. The question is, will they remain engaged throughout the year? Or will they slowly lose their enthusiasm and drop off...

End-of-Year Promotional Pricing on the NEUBIE, HRV and ActivePure Technology

With APTA’s 2021 Private Practice Section Conference and Exhibition in our rear view, it can only mean one thing: our End-of-Year promotions for physical therapy technology have begun!

ActivePure: How to Destroy COVID Indoors

Consider this an open letter to business owners who want to operate freely this winter while providing a safe, healthy environment for their staff and customers.