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heart rate variability (2)

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Heart Rate Variability: Physical Therapy Technology for Long COVID

What makes Heart Rate Variability the preferred Physical Therapy Technology for patients with Long COVID symptoms?

Physical Therapy Technology for Optimal Health and Wellness 

Physical therapy technology has come a long way and continues to revolutionize patient care, rehabilitation and development. When patients seek out optimal health and wellness solutions, does your clinic stand out?

Heart Rate Variability Frequently Asked Questions

As leaders in providing HRV technology to physical therapy programs across the US, we consider heart rate variability one of the most important measures of your overall health. In Jason Waz’s own practice in Tampa, FL, HRV plays a key role in day-to-day...

How HRV Improves Your NEUBIE Plan of Care

SPOILER ALERT: After reading this, there should be zero ambiguity as to whether you need a HRV assessment system from NeuPTtech or not.

Help Patients Achieve Optimal Health with the NeuPT HRV System

As a physical therapist, are you using “heart rate variability” (HRV) assessments to deliver a better plan of care for your patients?

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Assessment For Your Physical Therapy Practice

Assessing heart rate variability (HRV) is a versatile and powerful way to improve your physical therapy practice. There is a growing body of evidence and research showing that heart rate variability is a useful measure of autonomic nervous system functioning.