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The NEUBIE (5)

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The Top 3 Physical Therapy Technology Solutions of 2021

One of the easiest ways for physical therapy owners to stand out from their local competition is to win at the technology game. Even in 2021, too many clinics are still treating patients with out-dated equipment and plans of care – and their patients are...

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Virginian Rehabilitation and Wellness, Inc.

Welcome back to NeuPTtech’s Clinic Spotlight series.

Understanding the NeuPTtech and NeuFit Partnership with the NEUBIE

Along your journey to add the NEUBIE to your business, you will undoubtedly come across two names: NeuPTtech and NeuFit. As a private practice owner, both companies will be critical to your success as you set your clinic apart from the competition with the...

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Recover Physical Therapy

Welcome to NeuPTtech’s new Clinic Spotlight series.

How Does the NEUBIE Work: Therapeutic Reprogramming Process

[This blog is a continuation of our series on how the NEUBIE device works. If you haven’t already, please read “How Does the NEUBIE Work: The Diagnostic Process”.]

How Does the NEUBIE Work: The Diagnostic Process

The NEUBIE is an incredible device for physical therapists who seek the best patient outcomes in the shortest amount of time. To understand how the NEUBIE works, let’s breakdown the diagnostic process as outlined in the white paper: “NEUBIE A New Paradigm in...

How Private Practices Reach the Next Level with the NEUBIE

You bought the NEUBIE.

Physical Therapy Clinic’s Preliminary NEUBIE Research Shows ROI

“Does using the NEUBIE as a part of an entire plan of care make a difference on patient satisfaction or function?”

The NEUBIE Research Physical Therapists Are Raving About

Private practice owners are discovering the importance of adding a NEUBIE to their physical therapy clinic. Thanks to its patented electrical stimulation methods that make neuromuscular re-education easier than ever before, physical therapists are taking...

Physical Therapy Owners Review the NEUBIE Machine

When looking for the latest physical therapy technology and equipment to help them grow their clinics, physical therapy practice owners have found incredible results with the NEUBIE.