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The NEUBIE (4)

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Giving Thanks for Physical Therapy Technology & Community

With Thanksgiving in front of us, gratitude is at the top of our minds as we reflect on this past year and look forward to an even brighter 2022.

End-of-Year Promotional Pricing on the NEUBIE, HRV and ActivePure Technology

With APTA’s 2021 Private Practice Section Conference and Exhibition in our rear view, it can only mean one thing: our End-of-Year promotions for physical therapy technology have begun!

Promotion: 2 Physical Therapy Technologies in 1 Cost-Savings Bundle

As a physical therapy practice on a mission to provide patients with the best care available, you’re always on the hunt for that next “big innovation” in physical therapy that sets your practice apart from the competition.

NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight: Crest Physical Therapy and Wellness

The NeuPTtech Clinic Spotlight series shines its bright light over a new private practice in Torrance, California to highlight Crest Physical Therapy and Wellness. With less than a year in business, Brian Micheletti is taking his team and his patients to new...

2021 Study Confirms Long-Term Efficacy of NEUBIE Direct Current Therapy

Good news for NEUBIE practitioners everywhere: The research is finally catching up to the clinical success that physical therapists are experiencing with the NEUBIE.

Find the Right NEUBIE Training for Your Physical Therapy Staff

It’s all about putting the “care” back in Healthcare.

The NEUBIE Machine for Physical Therapy: How to Get Started

Private practice owners are discovering why the NEUBIE machine is perfect for physical therapy. And it’s actually for the same reasons that make the NEUBIE so popular with professional athletes and coaches.

How the NEUBIE Removes Pain and Improves Recovery

(This blog is inspired by the Neufit video found below that introduces NEUBIE as the paradigm for soft tissue rehabilitation.)

6 Ways the NEUBIE Can Benefit Your Physical Therapy Clinic

After bringing the NEUBIE machine into his Tampa, FL private physical therapy practice and using it on a variety of patients (and himself), Jason Waz quickly realized that he was working with the biggest innovation in physical therapy technology in decades.

The Future of Physical Therapy: Optimal Health

Since 2006, our goal has been simple – to put the care back in healthcare.