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How E-Stim from NEUBIE Device Improves Gait in Parkinson’s Patients

We won’t bury the lede: Physical therapy and sensory stimulation is the preferred intervention for effectively improving the gait in patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Thanks to its ability to reeducate neuromuscular systems, the NEUBIE e-stim machine is quickly becoming the sensory stimulation device of choice for physical therapists all over the country. 

In fact, the combination of electrical stimulation, physical therapy and balance interventions are reaping great results for patients suffering from several neurological disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and dementia. This news comes from a recent study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation which was brought to our attention from fellow PT, Jeremy Bittel. 

At NeuPTtech and across our Competitive Edge practices, we’ve seen the overwhelming challenges of Parkinson’s Disease for those afflicted, and know that the fatigue and exhaustion caused by movement issues can seriously hamper one’s quality of life. However, like other fatigue-based injuries and stresses, the application of electrical stimulation therapy, such as the NEUBIE device, can provide some necessary, long-term relief.

Parkinson’s Disease: What is it?

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder that can result in unintended, uncontrolled movements, including shaking and stiffness; furthermore, it can result in difficulty with balance and coordination. The disorder’s symptoms tend to onset gradually and grow more severe over time, sometimes leaving those afflicted with difficulty walking, talking and engaging in some motor functions.

Parkinson’s disease results from nerve cells in the basal ganglia becoming impaired or dying. Scientists are unsure what causes such nerve cells to die, but one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease is the loss of nerve-ending function tied to the sympathetic nervous system – which we know to be directly connected to critical functions of the body like heart rate and blood pressure. 

The NEUBIE Device: What is it?

The NEUBIE device is part of a treatment known as electrical stimulation therapy. This popular therapy treats injured muscles and manipulates nerves to reduce pain and fatigue. The NEUBIE device is unique because it uses a Pulsed Direct Current, which has a less intense effect on neurological controls.

Physical therapists use the NEUBIE system to identify areas of the body where there is a disconnect between the nervous and muscular systems with 100% accuracy. There is even evidence to suggest the NEUBIE device can effectively reset the autonomic nervous system to a degree, helping achieve breakthroughs in pain management.

As for the success of the NEUBIE device, it has been shown to have a profound effect on managing chronic pain in numerous applications. Physical Therapists utilize this treatment with significant impacts, such as reducing the need for opioids and painkillers following joint injuries by 60%.

The Crossover of the NEUBIE and Parkinson’s Disease

Another study, published in The American Journal of Managed Care, provides insight into where the NEUBIE device and Parkinson’s treatments can come together. The article titled “Assessing Risk Factors, Pathophysiology of Freezing of Gait in PD” by Matthew Gavidia suggests that the freezing of gait (FOG) associated with Parkinson’s Disease may have some neuro sympathetic influences.

Because the neuro sympathetic system is connected to bodily functions such as circulation, there is the potential to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms, such as fatigue and vascular issues. Essentially, the dysfunction in neuronal systems affecting motor control and inflicting pain are some of the very same functionalities and symptoms that regular use of the NEUBIE seeks to correct..

Introduce the NEUBIE to Your Parkinson’s Patients

Bring the NEUBIE device into your practice and see how quickly it can help treat and alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and help increase your patients’ quality of life. Autonomic nervous system symptoms such as fatigue and joint and circulation issues that result from the more extensive condition can be reduced with a practical application of NEUBIE therapy. 

Learn more about the NEUBIE effect on physical therapy, and contact the NeuPTtech team today to bring this next-gen physical therapy technology into your practice.

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Jason Waz
Jason Waz
Jason is the founder of NeuPTtech and a private practice owner and PT in Tampa, FL. Alongside running NeuPTtech, the leading NEUBIE distributor and authority on physical therapy technology, Jason has developed proprietary training and support for NeuFit's NEUBIE device that is designed to help PT owners and clinicians easily bring this technology into their practice. His mission to bring the field of physical therapy into the next generation through science, research and innovation starts with the NEUBIE. Throughout the last few years, Jason and his research and development team at Competitive Edge Performance Physical Therapy have helped develop new systems and protocols for physical therapy technology including HRV, PEMF, Aerus, Torque Fitness and more!