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Unlock $1,000 Savings on NEUBIE and HRV for Your Physical Therapy Practice

From June 1-15, 2023, NeuPTtech and NeuFit are helping you take your physical therapy practice to the next level with anexclusive $500 off deal on the NEUBIE device.

What to Do After You Buy a NEUBIE Device for Physical Therapy

So, you bought a NEUBIE – now what?

Physical Therapy and NEUBIE: An Innovative Solution for Neuro Re-education

Physical therapy is an essential aspect of modern medicine, helping patients recover from injuries, chronic pain and other conditions that affect their mobility and quality of life. With the latest advancements in healthcare technology, physical therapists...

The NeuPTtech Holiday Bundle Event is LIVE!

Give yourself the gift of extra savings for the holidays, and shop NeuPTtech’s Holiday Bundle Event while supplies last.

Let Gratitude Power Your Practice This Holiday Season

When Pilgrims reached the shore, they may not have been sure what to expect, but they knew that it was all on them to figure it out. To pave a path for those who would follow. They used their environment, tools and team to eke out a better life – and they...

Section 179 Tax Incentive Helps Practice Owners Save Money

For the 2022 tax year, the US Senate Finance Committee has extended Section 179, one of the biggest small business tax deductions available for purchasing and leasing equipment or software.

A Reflection on the “Day One” Mindset After Attending PPS 2022

As the dust settles on another powerful APTA conference, I can’t help but reflect on the last five years – specifically the mindset shift that has made these past years the best my business has ever experienced. The Private Practice Section Conference &...

The NEUBIE Marketing Resource Your Physical Therapy Practice Needs

Are you getting enough NEUBIE referrals? Is your network aware of your commitment to patient care? Do they know about the technologies and outcomes your clinic provides? Private Practice owners need a recession-proof business model to ensure patients get the...

The Essential NEUBIE Training for Physical Therapists

When private practice owners bring the NEUBIE into their clinic, the first goal is to get their practitioners trained and comfortable with the NEUBIE as quickly as possible.

NHL Player Rehabs in Time for Rookie Camp Thanks to Innovative Therapy Model

When an ankle injury sidelined Nate Smith after playing just 10 games in the NHL, he knew he needed to get back to form as quickly as possible to join the Arizona Coyotes for the 2022-2023 season.