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How to Market the NEUBIE to Existing Patients

As you consider adding the NEUBIE to your physical therapy equipment, you may be wondering how you can market the NEUBIE to existing patients. This guide will help you with marketing the NEUBIE and developing Practice Evangelists who drive referrals along the way!

The NEUBIE Gets Results AND Referrals

Without a doubt, your patients – and their success stories – will be your best marketing solution. The key to turning your clients into Practice Evangelists (brand advocates) who are consistently praising your practice and referring business is by letting them see the results for themselves!

The impressive results that the NEUBIE provides make it a massive differentiator for any modern private practice. Over 90% of patients will see tangible progress after their first use, and they’ll be so pleased with the results that they’ll share them with everyone around, from friends and family to referring physicians.

Think about it this way, the NEUBIE will generate more referrals than any other treatment in your practice because of the rapid, effective results your patients will experience.

To learn more about the NEUBIE and its benefits, check out our CEU course: NEUBIE Introduction for the Physical Therapist. Additionally, once you own a NEUBIE and are certified in its practical application, NeuPTtech’s coaching programs and live training will teach you how to generate significant cash revenues and use the NEUBIE to grow your practice.

Access to Marketing Materials

Traditional marketing methods are also effective for letting your clients know that you have new physical therapy technology available. Upon request, we can provide a digital vault that contains many licensed marketing materials to make this easier.

When you become an officially licensed NEUBIE practitioner, you will also be granted access to a large network that will help you promote the brand!

Additionally, NeuPTtech can help you develop more traditional forms of marketing, such as flyers and other digital or printed educational materials. As a licensed practitioner, you have access to a vast, growing network to promote the NEUBIE device brand.

You can learn more specifics about what’s included with our NEUBIE Licensing and Support on the NEUBIE FAQ page.

Cash-Based Physical Therapy Services

Not only is the NEUBIE a great way to grow your private practice while helping your patients, but it also allows for a cash-based payment model for physical therapists. This presents a wonderful opportunity for your clinic to boost its revenue!

We will provide you with a thorough assessment that can help you add this cash-based physical therapy service to your bottom line – quickly and effectively!

Start with a NEUBIE ROI Assessment

The best way to move forward with investing in the latest physical therapy technique is to get a free NEUBIE ROI Assessment from NeuPTtech.

We’re the leading physical therapy experts in helping private practices implement technology, and we believe that innovation backed by research is the best way to take your clinic to the next level. This brief assessment will help you understand the expected return your practice can generate from using the NEUBIE.

Most practices recover the monthly financing cost on the first day of use!

Contact us today to learn more about marketing the NEUBIE as part of your practice’s growth strategy!

NEUBIE ROI Assessment from NeuPTtech
Jason Waz
Jason Waz
Jason is the founder of NeuPTtech and a private practice owner and PT in Tampa, FL. Alongside running NeuPTtech, the leading NEUBIE distributor and authority on physical therapy technology, Jason has developed proprietary training and support for NeuFit's NEUBIE device that is designed to help PT owners and clinicians easily bring this technology into their practice. His mission to bring the field of physical therapy into the next generation through science, research and innovation starts with the NEUBIE. Throughout the last few years, Jason and his research and development team at Competitive Edge Performance Physical Therapy have helped develop new systems and protocols for physical therapy technology including HRV, PEMF, Aerus, Torque Fitness and more!