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The NEUBIE Research Physical Therapists Are Raving About

Private practice owners are discovering the importance of adding a NEUBIE to their physical therapy clinic. Thanks to its patented electrical stimulation methods that make neuromuscular re-education easier than ever before, physical therapists are taking...

Physical Therapy Owners Review the NEUBIE Machine

When looking for the latest physical therapy technology and equipment to help them grow their clinics, physical therapy practice owners have found incredible results with the NEUBIE.

Why Physical Therapy Clinics Should Purchase a NEUBIE Machine

Interested in purchasing a NEUBIE for your physical therapy practice? Here’s the impact the NEUBIE can have on your private practice.

The Future of Physical Therapy is Right Here, Right Now

What does the physical therapy office of tomorrow look like?

The NEUBIE Device Helps Elite Athletes Recover Faster

When it comes to physical therapy technology, having the best rehabilitation devices available is essential when you work with athletes. The NEUBIE difference is unmatched when it comes to injury rehabilitation and enhancing athletic performance.

The NEUBIE Device vs. Other Physical Therapy Technology

The NEUBIE device is the top physical therapy technology available for physical therapy owners. It significantly boosts patient recovery times and enhances your ability to care for your clients. Keep reading to learn more about how the NEUBIE device is...

NEUBIE Performance Enhancement and Injury Rehabilitation for Athletes

Technology doesn’t always deliver on its promise to improve performance. It’s the reason athletes often play through an injury or wait until the off season to recover – often further exacerbating the issue to a point beyond repair.

NEUBIE Licensing and Support Included for Your Practice

When you add the NEUBIE device to your physical therapy practice, you get more than just the latest in physical therapy technology and faster, improved patient outcomes – you get the dedicated support necessary to build a better practice around the NEUBIE.

How to Market the NEUBIE to Existing Patients

As you consider adding the NEUBIE to your physical therapy equipment, you may be wondering how you can market the NEUBIE to existing patients. This guide will help you with marketing the NEUBIE and developing Practice Evangelists who drive referrals along the...

The Difference Between the NEUBIE and Traditional E Stim Therapy

Physical therapy owners have to stay ahead of technology trends in the industry in order to serve their patients dutifully and outperform their competition. To that end, many private practices have leveraged the NEUBIE, as opposed to traditional electrical...