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Physical Therapy Clinic Design

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Founder of NeuPTtech Honored as a 2022 Gator100 Winner

Competitive Edge Performance, Jason Waz’s flagship clinic in Tampa, FL, has been recognized as one of the world’s fastest-growing University of Florida alumni-owned businesses.

Functional Fitness System for the Physical Therapy Clinic of the Future

When patients walk into your physical therapy practice, are you giving off the “Apple Store” vibes or still looking like that old “Radio Shack” from the 1990’s?

When is it Time to Invest in a Private Practice Business Consultant?

Private practice business consultants are a huge asset for when physical therapists open their first practice and also for when seasoned practice owners are ready to grow their clinic(s).

Promoting Health and Wellness at Your Private Practice Post-Pandemic

Patients are happier than ever to get out of the house and return to in person physical therapy. We’ve seen a continuous uptick in the amount of patients who are eagerly returning to live therapy, thankful to do so with the proper precautions and relieved to...

How Technology Can Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Private Practice

Curious how to prevent COVID-19 or any virus from spreading into your clinic with a 99.9% success rate?

4 Physical Therapy Clinic Design Layout Tips

Want to make the most of your physical therapy layout in order to maximize growth and improve patient benefits?

How to Design a Patient-Centric Physical Therapy Practice

In our last article on physical therapy clinic design layout, we touched on a variety of key design factors that were crucial to consider when setting up your practice as a PT. Next, let’s review how the right practice design blueprint will help modernize...

Your Physical Therapy Practice Layout Impacts Your Entire Business

If you’re currently in the process of starting or developing your private practice—or you already have a business up and running—there’s one element about your workspace that you may not have considered. We’re talking about physical therapy clinic...